Behaviour Support for Schools

Get your free SEN Behaviour Handbook

Our ultimate guide to identifying and supporting children with behavioural special needs.

SEN Behaviour Handbook

If you work with students who have behavioural special needs, or you are a teacher trying to understand what causes some pupils to behave the way they do, then you need this.

Our free SEN Behaviour Handbook is a tool for identifying the needs of pupils who may have special needs related to behaviour (be it ASD, ADHD or attachment disorder).

We're going to give you a simple grid system that helps relate behaviours to possible special needs. It's simple and anyone with experience of working in schools can use it. Not only can it be used to identify the needs of children who need additional support, but also as a training aid to support colleagues learning about SEN.

But that's not all.

We're also give you a set of three cheat sheets that contain the eight key facts and strategies you need to support children with autism, ADHD or attachment disorder in the classroom.

That way, you'll know the kinds of behaviours that children with certain special needs present and how best to support them in class.

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