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Get your free classroom management scoresheet

Our in-house system for for assessing, monitoring and improving whole class behaviour management in schools that anyone can use.

Classroom management scoresheet

Are you a leader looking for a systematic, consistent and objective way to assess whole class management in your school? Or a classroom teacher who would like to develop their practice (or grow in confidence)?

Classroom management is an essential skill for any teacher - it affects pupil motivation, engagement and progress. Lessons stand or fall on your ability to implement routines, encourage respect and keep students focussed.

Whole class management isn't a dark art. We believe that anyone can learn and improve their skills. That's why we wrote our system for assessing, monitoring and developing classroom management.

And now we would like to share that system with you.

Our system:

  • will make it clear where you or your colleagues are excelling.
  • will highlight key skills to develop.
  • will give you a list of 'deadly sins' to avoid.
  • will make it clear what good whole class management looks like.
  • is easy to use.

Use our Classroom Management Scoresheet to take your behaviour management to the next level. And, for a bit of fun, we'll even give you a ranking based on your score.

Would your whole class management achieve the 'ultimate' grade?

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