Behaviour Support for Schools
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Behaviour Support for Schools

Get your free Dining Room Improvement Checklist

Our 37 point assessment tool for school dining rooms.

Lunchtimes can be the source of endless frustration - issues from midday can eat into teaching time, spark parental complaints and even pull down inspection results.

Want to have an immediate impact?

We've spent years working with primary schools to help them improve standards. As a result, we've identified the common factors that affect pupil behaviour at lunchtimes.

We've assembled these factors into a free 37 point checklist that will guide you through the process of impartially assessing the quality of provision in your dining room.

It will highlight where your systems are working well, and help you pinpoint areas that are ready for improvement.

And then we'll even help you prioritise your findings and assemble them into an action plan!

It's taken us years to bring all this information together, so don't waste your time reinventing the wheel - download our free dining room checklist and start improving your lunchtime provision today.

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