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Behaviour Support for Schools

Improve how you manage challenging behaviour

Teaching challenging and oppositional students every day can be stressful and demoralising - and it can make you question your own abilities.

However, after having taught permanently excluded students for years, we've learnt one important truth.

It's not your classroom management that is to blame for their behaviour - it's just that there are some students (and groups of students) who need an entirely different approach.

And unless you have the time to invest in doing the research, that approach can be counter-intuitive.

In the resources below, we're going to give you a short cut to our hard won experience.

So don't waste weeks or months figuring this out for yourself - you don't have the time.

Just download one of our resources, grab the answers you need and start seeing improvements.


Don't forget! We've also got a huge range of free behaviour resources available, including videos and articles.

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