How to resolve playground arguments

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We'll guide your supervisors through a simple, 4-step process for resolving playground arguments...
...that leaves students believing the situation has been dealt with.

Sorting out arguments from lunchtime can eat up valuable afternoon lesson time.

And the truth is, many students revisit lunchtime disputes with teaching staff, senior management and parents, because they didn't get closure when the incident was originally dealt with.

As a teacher, or a senior manager in school, that feels frustrating.

In my free training video, I lead your supervisors through a simple formula for dealing with playground disputes.

Now your pupils will feel like both sides have been listened to... and know the problem has been sorted out.

That means fewer issues brought back to class, or needlessly escalated to senior management.

The result? Everyone will feel calmer, and you can spend more time on teaching, and less on managing behaviour.

I'll see you in the video!