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Behaviour Support for Schools


It's frustrating when you pay for training that doesn't have an impact in the classroom. We understand. That's why our training is practical, immediate and accessible - so your staff will be ready to improve standards of behaviour and progress wherever they work in school.

96% of respondents said they would recommend our training.

All of our courses are delivered on your school grounds. We are based in the Midlands, in the United Kingdom.

To order training and drive improvement in your school, or if you have any questions, use the contact details below.

Want help for your school?

For all teaching staff

ADHD: Calm and refocussed

We guide you through our approach to supporting students with this challenging condition - and minimising disruption in the classroom as a result.

De-escalation mastery

Schools are reporting a rise in the number of children with anger issues. We look at the physiology of anger, and walk you through a set of proven de-escalation techniques that just work.

Pupil motivation

Don't implement a system of rewards and consequences until you've seen the latest (and surprising) research into pupil motivation.

SEN: early identification

Do your staff ask, "Why do they do that?" We'll lead them through the process of identifying behavioural SEN in the classroom (for ASD, ADHD and attachment disorder).

Graduated SEMH explained

We explain what the graduated SEMH approach to behaviour means at the classroom level - from early support and small group interventions, to gathering evidence towards EHCPs.

Assertiveness accelerator

Stalling progress with challenging classes or individuals? These powerful assertiveness strategies are the fastest way to reboot classroom disruption.

For support staff

High impact learning support

Skill up your support staff to deliver highly effective interventions that have measurable impact. Build rapport, curb disruption and deliver lessons with pace, confidence and authority.

Successful social skills

We lead you through the process of providing successful, TA led social skills interventions that actually change how pupils interact. Avoid common pitfalls and learn how to evidence progress.

Managing feelings

Learn how to run your own, sustainable TA led interventions that encourage pupil self-regulation. We joint deliver the intervention with your TAs, on your school site, over a six week period.

(Cost: £900)


For lunchtime supervisors

Calm and in control

Most behaviour problems at school occur during lunch: we present the 12 key strategies that every lunchtime supervisor should know about managing behaviour.

Successful with SEN

Problem: students with SEN presenting challenging behaviours over lunch.
Solution: training that changes supervisors approach to supporting pupils with ASD and ADHD.

Playground games

Students behave best when adults run play rather than monitor it. Kickstart that change on your playground with this practical workshop.


For management

Managing difficult conversations

Leveraging simple psychology, we explain how to pivot a difficult conversation with a parent or staff member towards a successful outcome.

Communication mastery

If you want to shape parental perception of your school, then you need our simple, effective system for writing campaigns of messages that parents read, believe and remember.

Quality first teaching for behaviour

We share our in-house tool for objectively assessing quality first classroom management - and explain how to give feedback that results in measurable improvement.


Bespoke training

Want something different?

If you need something tailored to your exact needs, we can also provide affordable bespoke training around any aspect of behaviour in school.


Training prices

Unless other details are given above:

Courses are delivered on your school site, so all your staff can benefit

£275 for 1 hour / twilight version of course

£395 for half day (2.5 hour) version of course

All prices exclude VAT.

We're also happy to work with groups of schools to reduce costs.

Want help for your school?