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If you work with students who have behavioural special needs, then you need this.

Our free SEN Behaviour Handbook is a simple tool for linking the behaviours you see in class to underlying special needs (be it ASD, ADHD or attachment disorder).

By identifying possible needs early, you'll have a head-start on getting the right professionals involved and putting support plans in place. And you'll see improved behaviour in class as a result.

It's easy to understand - and anyone with experience of working in schools can use it.

But that's not all - we're also going to give you a set of cheat sheets. Each sheet gives you 8 key facts about supporting children with autism, ADHD or attachment disorder.

That way, you'll know the kinds of behaviours that children with certain special needs present and how best to support them in class.

Work as a SENCO or a senior manager? The SEN Handbook is also perfect as a training aid for staff.

>>> Important: Our guide is not intended as a tool for making diagnosis. Diagnoses can only be made by qualified medical professionals.