This is not a book about everyday classroom management

It's about managing those students who are beyond general classroom management.

The pupils who seem immune to your school's behaviour policy or traditional systems of rewards and consequences. The students who regularly disrupt lessons, challenge adults and invite confrontation.

The kids who seem beyond reach.

Teaching oppositional and challenging children like this can be stressful and demoralising - and it can make you question your own professional abilities...

...that's why we wrote 'Taking Control'

Because it's not your classroom management that is to blame for their behaviour.
It's because there are some students who need a different approach.

Fact: these methods are tested and proven

Don't waste weeks or months experimenting with different strategies.

We've spent years teaching children who have been permanently excluded from school - and we've made our mistakes along the way.

And in our 100 page guide to combatting challenging behaviour, we give you a short-cut to our hard won experience.

We're going to give you a set of sequences to follow that will have an immediate impact on children who present challenging and oppositional behaviour.

We know these strategies work. And with a little practise, they'll work for you too.

Our blueprint is more powerful than a collection of strategies...

...It's a joined-up approach

We walk you through the essential techniques...

...and how to layer those techniques one on top of another, so they become even more effective!

It's like powering up your behaviour management!

You'll learn why each technique works...

...and the psychology behind it.

That means you'll have the deep understanding to adapt our approach - if you ever need to.

Learn how to form positive relationships...

...with hard-to-reach pupils. We'll show you practical techniques for achieving success.

(Because relationships are the key to long-term progress!)

Not only will you have the knowledge and skills to manage disruptive conduct when it happens during lesson time...'ll also have a systematic plan to prevent it occurring in future.


Buy with confidence

I'm so confident that you will find 'Taking Control' useful that I offer a cast-iron money back guarantee.

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  • I'll refund your money
  • No questions asked
  • Simon Currigan
    Co-founder, Beacon School Support

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To avoid wasting months of trial-and-error.

To get straight to the behaviour answers you need.

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