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Inner Circle

New: The Inner Circle (with 7-day free trial)

For managing classroom behaviour

Back on Task

Back on Task


Curb classroom disruption with our 3 proven scripts for managing challenging students.

You'll know exactly what to say next time a pupil disrupts your lesson - so you'll feel confident and in control.

Use them in your classroom today and put the focus back on teaching and learning.

Is it Bullying?

Is it Bullying?


Give your pupils and parents clarity about the difference between bullying and being mean.

Includes a done-for-you presentation with notes, a poster to print out and display, 3 tips sheets and an activity worksheet

Managing feelings

Managing feelings


Get this done-for-you presentation about managing anger you can use with the children in your primary school.

We'll tell you exactly what to do and say to make your presentation a success.

ADHD: Calm and Refocussed

ADHD: Calm and Refocussed


Imagine your pupils with ADHD are calm, engaged and focussed on learning.

I'm going to give you 6 simple things you can do today to make that happen.

For lunchtime issues

Face-to-face support, provided in person, on your school site. These services are only available in the Midlands, UK.

Problem-free Playtimes

Problem-free playtimes


Get the children in your school engaged in a range of fun and interactive activities

  • Designed to help supervisors lead and manage playground games confidently
  • Includes 27 fun, easy to follow games that need little (or no) equipment
  • Includes a comprehensive list of resources and sports activities (other than football) to diversify children's interests
Lunchtime masterplan

The lunchtime masterplan


You're about to follow a step-by-step masterplan for transforming lunchtimes in your school

  • Get our tested, systematic approach to improving behaviour at lunchtimes
  • Your masterplan will focus on the causes of poor lunchtime behaviour, rather than the symptoms
  • Includes 37 proven solutions to challenges at lunchtimes