To All School Leaders:

Want to make sure every member of your team manages behaviour issues firmly, consistently and confidently?
So all your pupils enjoy their right to a settled classroom environment - where they can achieve their potential?
Right now, it's never been more important that your teaching staff know what to say... and how to say it.
And we're here to help!

Join over 300 other school leaders who downloaded this training!

Get immediate access today

This training normally costs £49, but through this special offer, schools can get instant access at no charge.

A parent who looks stressed

Classroom behaviour improves when teaching staff speak confidently and assertively... so it's important every member of your team has this skill

Picture of trophy and circle of success repesenting the idea of 'breaking the cycle'

We'll guide your staff through a few simple techniques that anyone can use... to instantly sound assertive whenever they need to

A happy smiling parent

This high-quality 40-minute online training session can be completed by your staff individually or as a group... and even includes certificates and workbooks to print!

"Assertiveness is a key skill for managing pupil behaviour, whatever your role in school. This training will give your staff some simple techniques for getting assertiveness right."

Simon Currigan - founder, Beacon School Support

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