Parents and carers: Is Your Child Struggling To Cope With Anxiety?

Are their fears and emotions limiting their confidence - and even their happiness?

Then knowing the right things to say and do has never been more important...
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A parent who looks stressed

Helping your child find their way through anxiety is hard... and the right strategies aren't always obvious 😔

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So it's important to know the common mistakes parents (accidentally) make that actually increase anxiety... and what to do instead

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Then you'll be helping your child take charge of their anxiety, rather than being overwhelmed by it... so they feel calmer, more confident - and enjoy a happier childhood! 😀

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"Anxiety stops kids leading the life they want to lead. This guide doesn't just help you avoid common mistakes that make that situation even worse - it also explains exactly what to do instead."

Emma Shackleton - founder, Beacon School Support

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