This statutory guidance raises 3 key questions...

All school leaders should be able to answer 'yes' to without hesitation:

Would all my employees:

  • Know the telltale signs of abuse and neglect?
  • Know exactly what to do to keep children and young people safe?
  • Say "Yes, I feel confident" about the latest safeguarding and child protection procedures?

If you answered 'no' or 'I'm not sure' to any of these questions, then taking action is the most important thing you'll do for your school today.

This mandatory guidance also instructs:

This creates 2 challenges for school leaders and DSLs:

  1. How can you keep everyone's training up to date - especially with new starters joining your setting throughout the year?
  2. With a heavy workload, where every second of your week is already accounted for, how on earth do you find time to re-deliver this essential training as part of their induction programme... over and over again?

Getting all that right can feel stressful and time-consuming

But what if I said you could have straight-forward, done-for-you online training?

That, at a push of a button...

  • Covers all your statutory safeguarding training needs?
  • That you could re-use throughout the year, whenever you needed to?
  • So you can train all of your staff - no matter when they join - and with no addition time cost to you?

How would you feel now?

Confident and in control?

Knowing you've got bang up-to-date safeguarding training, ready to go whenever you need it?


That Safeguarding Essentials is taking care of staff-training duties for you, releasing your time to focus on other priorities?

Ofsted ready?

Knowing that a safeguarding expert has written the training, dotting the i's and crossing the t's for you?

Introducing... Safeguarding Essentials 2019!

I understand that keeping children safe is your number one priority.

That's why I partnered with safeguarding specialist Faye Whittle to create Safeguarding Essentials 2019.

For over 11 years, Faye has a proven track-record of providing practical (and accessible) safeguarding training to a range of educational settings.

Which means you're about get complete, done-for-you online training that delivers everything you need to meet your annual safeguarding training responsibilities... easily and effectively.

Say goodbye to prepping resources and double-checking whether your own training is consistent with the government's latest guidance... because all the hard work's been done for you!

It doesn't make sense to spend time reinventing the wheel when all this content is ready and waiting.

Make the logical choice and secure access to Safeguarding Essentials 2019 today - with no waiting and no delays.

Safeguarding training? Problem solved.

"[This] is a very straight forward training product... even down to explaining the resources that you will need to gather before you begin. Love It! Thank you for making our lives that little bit more straight forward!"

Springfield Primary School

Safeguarding Essentials 2019 will guide your staff through:

The difference between safeguarding and child protection...

so staff can identify and stop abuse that is already happening - as well as protecting children from future harm

The four categories of abuse...

so staff recognise all the signs and symptoms of abuse - and don't miss potential child protection issues

How to respond to a disclosure...

in a way that reduces the risk of additional trauma for the child, and doesn't compromise a potential future criminal investigation

Good practice for working alone with a pupil...

so the safety of both your pupils and staff isn't needlessly put at risk

Knowing when physical contact with a child is (and isn't) acceptable...

so adults know how to comfort children appropriately, without leaving themselves open to false allegations

Feel confident your staff are ready to follow your educational setting's safeguarding procedures.

What is Safeguarding Essentials 2019...

And how does it work?

Safeguarding Essentials 2019 is online training for your teaching staff. It works like traditional face-to-face training, but it's delivered online.

Running the training is a simple, 3-step process:

  1. Bring your staff together in a room with a projector and sound facilities (like face-to-face training, everyone watches Safeguarding Essentials together)
  2. Open the training video on our website
  3. Press play

From time to time, you'll be asked to collect ideas from your staff and write them on flipchart paper.

It's easy.

Whole school training

"Often when running courses, you are dependant on a specialist being available but with this delivery model... it feels like the online specialist is in the room. Faye delivers the content in a succinct and clear manner allowing the course to be easily followed and so easily accessible for delegates."

HIT Training Ltd

Here's what you get:

Training to fit your school and budget

Safeguarding Essentials 2019 has been specifically written to:

  • meet your setting's statutory obligations
  • improve your staff's safeguarding knowledge, so they know how to keep children safe and respond to child protection issues in the right way

And remember:

  • You'll get lifetime access to this highly-rated safeguarding training for your entire staff
  • There's no waiting - this training is delivered online, so you get instant access and use the training today

Don't risk a single penny

Order Safeguarding Essentials 2019 and run the training, watch every video, complete the safeguarding quiz, print the certificates... in the knowledge that you won’t be risking a penny.

If you feel the training wasn’t valuable - it didn't cover your annual statutory training obligations, or your staff didn't learn about how to keep children safe and respond to child protection issues professionally - then I refuse to keep your money.

Simply get in touch by email with 28 days and I’ll return your payment.

No questions asked.

Simon Currigan
Co-founder, Beacon School Support

"[Get the training set up] was very easy and straightforward. The variety of tasks kept the session relevant and interesting. The training is complete and comprehensive."

St. Michaels CE

Get Safeguarding Essentials 2019 today...

meet your safeguarding obligations (in England)...

and take the credit for saving your school time and money

Yes! It's time to invest in Safeguarding Essentials 2019.

Use the buy now button below and secure instant access.

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Safeguarding Essentials 2019:
  • 65 minute running time (approx)
  • Done-for-you safeguarding training that meets latest statutory guidance for schools in England - just press play!
  • Suitable for any educational setting
  • Includes facilitator's handbook and safeguarding quiz
  • Lifetime access
  • 28-day money back guarantee
Up to 30 staff

£209 excluding VAT

More than 30 staff

£309 excluding VAT

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Safeguarding Essentials 2019 for?

It's specifically written for Designated Senior Leaders and School Leaders in England who need to meet their annual safeguarding training responsibilities.

It covers staff who work in any educational setting - not just schools.

Will it really cover everything my staff need to know to meet our annual safeguarding obligations?

Yes. Faye fully covers every area identified in the latest government guidance. All you have to do is press play!

Do I need to be DSL trained to deliver this training?

No, but it does help if there is someone with DSL level training present who can answer any questions specific to your school and its safeguarding policies.

Is this as good as having you train my teaching staff in person?

Not quite - for a start, you can't ask Faye questions.

But with Safeguarding Essentials, you pay once and get lifetime access to the material, so you can re-use it as often as you want. So when new members of the staff join the team, you're free to use the materials to train them too.

This relieves you from the pressure of personally delivering safeguarding training over and over again throughout the year.

Do my staff have to train as a group? Can they complete the training individually?

Yes, the training can be completed by individuals, working through the videos and tasks by themselves.

How does the training work?

It's a series of training videos, interspersed with group tasks.

Faye will explain clearly what each task involves, and even include a timer so your staff know how much time they have left.

As facilitator, you'll occasionally be asked to record answers from the group on flipchart paper.

How do I get ready for the training?

Included in the training is a facilitator's handbook. It's a step-by-step checklist of what you need to get ready for the training.

It even includes a sign-in sheet, so you can record who attended the training.

Do I need to be technically minded to run the training?

No. If you can play an internet video with sound on a projector or interactive whiteboard, you have all the technical skills you need.

"The section on Responding to Disclosures was particularly well thought out. It offered clear actions to take irrespective of the different establishments that we work in. I would highly recommend this training course and felt that it was excellent value. "

Place 2 Be