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Why lunchtime matters

Lunchtime may only seem like a short part of the day but it can have a lasting impact on what goes on back in the classroom.

Knowing how to quickly and effectively manage playground disputes and poor behaviour at lunchtime can help create a more positive learning environment across the whole school.

What is Successful Supervisors:

Successful Supervisors is an easy-to-implement, robust CPD behaviour management programme aimed at lunchtime supervisors, as well as after-school club providers and sports club leaders.

The skills-based programme comprises bite-size training videos, quick-fire quizzes, posters, checklists, rota templates and CPD success trackers - all accessed via a single shared log-in for your school from any internet connected device.

Successful Supervisors - giving praise that changes behaviour

Who are we:

Simon Currigan

Simon Currigan

Emma Shackleton

Emma Shackleton

Between us, we have over 20 years experience helping schools - just like yours - improve behaviour. That's real schools, real pupils, real staff.

We realised the model of training lunchtime supervisors in 1 hour, face-to-face sessions wasn't just expensive... it was broken. It didn't lead to improvements in the dining room or playground.

So we developed an entirely new way of training called Successful Supervisors. It gets results and it's cost effective. And now it's transforming how lunchtime supervisors work with pupils in over 100 schools across the UK.

Boosting confidence, relationships and behaviour: each day and every day.

"It's dead easy to get the programme up and running. The format is simple but it's not time consuming. The videos are short, sharp and straight to the point... and 100% relevant to our supervisors. Even our teachers and TAs would find it useful. The supervisors really like the certificates and posters and some of them have even been using it at home!"
Paget Primary School

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