Behaviour Support for Schools

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Helping schools improve behaviour and standards.

Schools, teachers and parents want their students to reach their full potential.

But disruptive behaviour has a disproportionate impact on progress - whether that be the behaviour of an individual child or a whole class.

At Beacon School Support, we help schools develop their capacity to manage behaviour for themselves, however complex or challenging.

We can guide you through the process of assessing, planning and implementing successful changes that will have a positive impact on behaviour throughout your school.

Because when schools get behaviour management right, the impact on pupil progress is outstanding - both academically and emotionally.

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To improve lunchtimes
A process for improving behaviour and standards
More confident and knowledgable teachers
Free resources about behaviour
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What schools are saying about us

We had a student whose poor social understanding led to constant, low-level disruption in and out of class. It was frustrating, because we knew he was bright, but we couldn’t reach him. Now we know how to communicate with him effectively, channel his behaviours positively and help him regain his focus. You definitely get what you pay for.

Gossey Lane Academy

Our behaviour audit was tailor made for our school and was efficient, practical and painless. It proved that behaviour in our school was good and captured stakeholder feedback objectively.

Court Farm Primary School

Your training has made a real impact on our lunchtime supervisors' practice.

Wow! I will go back into class after this [training] and will be able to offer significantly improved support.

Your [lunchtime supervisor] training was well paced, good, clear advice with practical suggestions we can easily implement.

[Your training] gave me a greater understanding of the responses we see in class.

96% of respondents said they would recommend our training.
In September 2016 alone, we trained over 650 school staff and over 150 students.

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