"The videos are short, sharp and straight to the point... and 100% relevant to our supervisors."
Paget Primary School

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Want simple, flexible, bite-sized behaviour training for the lunchtime supervisors in your primary school?

Here's your 3-step plan to making that happen... today.

Step 1

Sign up

Get instant access to your online training through an easy-to-use app or any internet connected computer.

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Start training individually or as part of a group - all you need is 10 minutes! Staff can even train within their normal working hours.

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Monitor progress with Success Trackers and certificates of achievement - everything you need is ready and waiting.

"The programme was very easy to get up and running. The step-by-step videos made it foolproof... you could not have made it simpler."
Acocks Green Primary

Discover how Successful Supervisors has already helped primary schools just like yours...

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What makes Successful Supervisors different?

It's super-simple

We guide your supervisors through a set of simple behaviour strategies they can use immediately in your school.

It's flexible

Train in a way that suits your school and budget. Learn in a group, in pairs or as individuals - it's up to you!

It's bite-sized

Each training session only takes 10 minutes. Each video is short, sharp and focussed on one practical topic.

It's online

Use our easy-to-use app (or any internet-connected device) to train your supervisors with videos and quizzes.

Staff turnover? No problem

New supervisors just jump in at the start of the programme.

Step-by-step training, a little and often

Supervisors receive regular training, month after month. This reinforces key concepts over time - leading to long term change.

Too many schools invest time and money in lunchtime supervisor training, only to see a short-term impact. Successful Supervisors is different. It provides you with on-going, practical training about positive behaviour management throughout the year - so your school can enjoy sustained improvement.

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"The training is simple and accessible - and the staff are able to use the steps in their everyday practice."

St. John's Primary School

Bonus Content worth £189

Order now and receive the following bonuses, with a total value of £189, that have taken over 18 months of research and development to produce. They're going to save you hours of work.

Bonus 1: our complete CPD framework

Value of £107: Everything you need to assess your supervisors' current skills, and then set and review performance management targets throughout the year.

Bonus 2: our outstanding lunchtimes checklist

Value of £82: Want excellent whole-school systems to compliment your supervisor training? This checklist is your short-cut to the best lunchtime practice we've observed in over 60 primary schools.

Introductory offer!

So, if you're interested in behaviour training for your supervisors,
you have a clear choice:

You could pay £417.50 for one hour's training...

  • That's £275 for the presenter, to deliver one hour's face-to-face training
  • Plus £142.50 in additional wages, employer's NIC and pension contributions, to pay supervisors to attend the training outside of normal working hours
  • Wait for a date when a good trainer can visit your site to work with your staff
  • Accept that some supervisors will miss it, due to absence, family commitments or other employment
  • Accept that it's likely to have a short-term impact, because one hour's training tends not to lead to sustained change
  • Figures based on 2 form entry primary school

...or you could join our Successful Supervisors family
of schools for only £5.37 per week

  • That's a whole year's worth of training for only £5.37 per week!
  • Plus: access to our CPD framework (£107 value)
  • Plus: access to our Outstanding Lunchtime Checklist (£82 value)
  • Plus: eliminate extra wage costs, and problems with staff absence and turnover, by training during normal work hours
  • Plus: no waiting. Get instant access to Successful Supervisors today
  • Plus: pay nothing today! No invoice will be sent for 28 days
  • Plus: official badges and logos to display on your website and stationery, promoting your investment in better lunchtime behaviour
  • Plus: be a part of our something bigger - my mission to get the supervisors in 500 primary schools using positive behaviour strategies
  • For use on one school site, paid as £279 per yearly subscription, price excludes VAT (most schools don't pay VAT anyway)

28-day money back guarantee
(cast iron, no questions asked)

That means no risk now, no risk later!

  • Buy with confidence.
  • Try out Successful Supervisors for 28 days.
  • If you're not happy with Successful Supervisors, for any reason, simply get in touch by email within 28 days...
  • ...and no invoice will be sent, no money will be charged.

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Remember: this is an introductory offer only, and the price will rise.

"Our staff... train twice every 3 weeks. It's straightforward and visual and explained in a simple way."
Birches Green Infants School

What do I get?

  • On-going training throughout the school year, so your supervisors get the consistent help and reminders they need to learn and embed new skills, avoiding the short-term impact syndrome of traditional face-to-face training.

  • No usage limits: benefit from the training as many times as you want, within the site of the purchasing school. It doesn't matter how many supervisors you employ. That saves you even more money on training costs.

What does it cover?

Positive behaviour management

  • Our 4 step formula for resolving playground disputes
  • How to give praise
  • What to do when a student is disrespectful
  • How to be proactive
  • How to proximity praise
  • How to lead a line (the right way)
  • Why the best supervisors spread out across the space
  • The magic ratio of positive:negative feedback

How to speak so pupils listen

  • How to look friendly and approachable
  • How to be assertive
  • Avoid shouting
  • A simple trick to make instructions sound more assertive

How to manage challenging pupils

  • Dealing with the biology of anger
  • Using the anger cycle to manage outbursts
  • The 4-step process to de-escalation
  • How to speak when a child becomes angry

Working with students with special needs

  • Addressing the causes of behaviour
  • Giving instructions to students with ADHD
  • Using the ELDR formula for managing explosions
  • What to do when 'no' causes an explosion

Commonly asked questions

  • When do I tell a teacher what has happened?
  • How do I record incidents?
  • How do I get the whole class to stop and listen?
  • Why do I need to play games with the children?

... and we're adding more content over time.

Frequently asked questions

Not all my supervisors are confident using online resources. They'll be anxious about this. Will they have the ICT skills to access your materials?

If your supervisors can tap an icon, they can access the materials. Anyone can do it. It's as easy as:

What does a training session look like?

Each unit of training takes about 10 minutes to complete.

It consists of:

  • a 7-8 minute video, walking your supervisor through a practical behaviour management idea or strategy...
  • then a short, simple multiple-choice quiz

Do you offer discounts for schools that wish to group together and buy a number of subscriptions (eg. academy chains, consortia etc.)?

Yes - we are able to offer discounts for schools banding together to bulk buy subscriptions.

To arrange this, contact us by email, and tell us about your group and how many schools you represent.

Our email addresses are: