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Imagine your pupils with ADHD are calm, engaged and focussed on learning.
They're using every minute to achieve their potential... and allowing the rest of the class to do so too.

You're about to make this a reality.

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Do you feel:

Teaching students with ADHD without the right knowledge can feel impossible.

And the disorder is more common than you think... in a recent study, the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control found that 11% of school-aged children have ADHD.

That works out at 3 children in every classroom - so you need to know what works with students with ADHD, and you need to know it today.

The impact of ADHD on the classroom

The constant whirlwind of activity that often accompanies pupils with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can be exhausting to manage.

Dealing with calling out, forgotten instructions, disorganisation and lack of focus is time consuming and tiring - and can lead to resentment and frustration.

What's more, the ripple effect on the behaviour of the rest of the class and dealing with parental complaints can feel overwhelming.

That's not healthy for the child - and it's not healthy for you.

The fact is: ADHD brains are different

The latest science suggests that ADHD is a condition that affects an area of the brain called the prefrontal lobe. This has a big impact on how pupils with ADHD focus, organise themselves and control their emotions.

Until you've been taught the classroom techniques that manage these symptoms, how are you supposed to know what to do?

The truth is... you can't. And that's not fair.

But I want you to feel confident and knowledgeable about managing pupils with ADHD.

That's why I've created a really simple solution: it's called ADHD: Calm and Refocussed.

Picture truly understanding why pupils with ADHD behave the way they do... and knowing how to expertly manage them

Imagine the sense of relief, feeling on top of all your pupils' behaviour.

Lessons where:

How would you feel if I said you can start seeing this in your classroom - today?

I'm going to guide you through 6 key strategies for managing and supporting ADHD students in the classroom. They're simple, practical, quick to learn and you don't have to be a behaviour expert to use them. Plus, they've been proven to work in real classrooms with real pupils.

You'll be helping your pupils with ADHD learn a lifelong skill - to manage their impulsiveness and inattention for themselves.

Get these proven solutions straight away

When you buy ADHD: Calm and Refocussed, you get immediate access to our 6 tested strategies. They work together to improve focus, organisation and behaviour.

You'll receive lifetime access to three informative and easy to follow video tutorials.

In under half an hour, you'll learn how ADHD brains function and the secrets to adapting your management techniques.

Plus, our resources are delivered to you digitally - so there's no waiting for the post. You can start benefitting within minutes.

Don't waste time trawling the Internet for ideas that may or may not work. It's all here for you. All you have to do is press play!

Who is ADHD: Calm and Refocussed for?

This resource is specifically written for:

This resource is not intended for:

I'm so confident that you will benefit from ADHD: Calm and Refocused, I'm giving you a money back guarantee

If you are not happy that the contents of the programme are of value, then get in touch by email within 14 days of purchase, and I'll refund your money.

No questions asked.

That means, if you're not sure about whether this training is for you, you can buy without risk.

School days should be the best days of our lives...

...and you can make that dream a reality with ADHD: Calm and Refocused.

So, you're at a crossroads:

You can either:

To help you with your decision, and because I believe children in every class should be able to reach their learning potential, I've priced ADHD: Calm and Refocussed at only £8.99

Let's put that in perspective: it's less than the price of a decent cinema ticket.

Think how much better you will feel when you are equipped to deal confidently with pupils struggling with ADHD.

So, if you're scanning for the offer, here it is:

Get access to 'ADHD: Calm and Refocussed' for only £8.99
Delivered to you digitally, so you don't have to wait to start using our approach...
...and start seeing changes in your classroom tomorrow.
Money back guarantee if you are not happy that the programme is of value.

All you need to do now is press the 'Buy Now' button below to secure your immediate access to 'ADHD:Calm and Refocussed' - and and start enjoying stress-free teaching again, today!

I'll see you in the videos.

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