Do you feel:

  • It's unfair that a small number of individuals take up the vast majority of your time, meaning other pupils miss out?
  • Frustrated from endless interruptions to your lessons?
  • Worried that others might copy the disruptive behaviours of your ADHD students?

Teaching students with ADHD without the right knowledge can feel impossible

And the disorder is more common than you think... in a recent study, the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control found that 11% of school-aged children have ADHD.

That works out at 3 children in every classroom.

So you need to know what works with students with ADHD, and you need to know it today.

The fact is: ADHD brains are different...

And understanding those differences is the key to success.

The latest science suggests that ADHD is a condition that affects an area of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. This has a big impact on how pupils with ADHD focus, organise themselves and regulate their emotions.

So you need to know some specific teaching strategies that compensate for these difficulties.

The problem is... some of these strategies aren't obvious. So if you haven't been shown them, you're unlikely to work out what they are.

So teachers and pupils keep struggling on, experiencing the same challenges, over and over.

That's not fair on either of you.

Labelled image of the brain

That's why I've created a really simple solution: it's called ADHD: Calm and Refocussed...

Picture truly understanding why pupils with ADHD behave the way they do... and knowing how to expertly manage them

Get these 6 proven strategies... and start using them in your classroom today

Children working at desks

When you buy ADHD: Calm and Refocussed, you get immediate access to my 6 tested strategies. They work together to improve focus, organisation and behaviour.

You'll receive lifetime access to three informative and easy to follow video tutorials.

In under half an hour, you'll learn how ADHD brains function and the secrets to adapting your management techniques.

Plus, our resources are delivered to you digitally - so there's no waiting for the post. You can start benefitting within minutes.

Don't waste time trawling the Internet for ideas that may or may not work. It's all here for you. All you have to do is press play!

What you are about to receive

You're about to get lifetime access to 3 videos where I explain...

2 key strategies for improving focus...

...that require no hard work or planning on your part at all

2 key strategies for improving organisation... your pupils can access work more easily (and are less likely to fall off-task)

2 key strategies for managing behaviour... a way that responds to your student's underlying difficulties and encourages more positive behaviour


Buy with confidence

I'm so confident that you will find 'ADHD: Calm and Refocussed' useful that I offer a cast-iron money back guarantee.

  • If you're not happy that the contents of the programme are of value, then get in touch with me by email within 14 days of purchase
  • I'll refund your money
  • No questions asked
  • Simon Currigan
    Co-founder, Beacon School Support

Start achieving the classroom success you and your pupils deserve - right now!

To help you with your decision, and because I believe children in every class should be able to reach their learning potential, ADHD: Calm and Refocussed is priced at only £8.99.

🎟️ Let's put that in perspective: it's less than the price of a cinema ticket.

Think how much better you will feel when you're equipped to deal confidently with pupils struggling with ADHD.

So, if you're scanning for the offer, here it is:

Get access to 'ADHD: Calm and Refocussed' for only £8.99

Because we deliver this product digitally, you can take action without delay...

...and start seeing changes in your classroom straight away!

14-day money back guarantee

All you need to do now is press the 'Buy Now' button below to secure your immediate access to 'ADHD:Calm and Refocussed' - and start enjoying stress-free teaching again, today!

I'll see you in the videos.

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