You'll know if they aren't...

Behaviour incidents will happen more often and be more difficult to manage

If this sounds familiar, it's not because your teachers don't care, or they aren't interested. It's because they've never developed the right expertise.

Here's the problem.. When teaching staff:

  • don't understand a child's ADHD or...
  • don't use the right ADHD-friendly strategies consistently

...that student's behaviour deteriorates quickly.

It's a slippery slide.

Before you know it...

The child's behaviours are entrenched...

making them more resistant to change

The relationship between the pupil and the teacher has soured...

fuelling stress and resentment on both sides

That student's behaviour becomes a catalyst for copy-cat behaviours from other students...

making the class even more difficult to manage

Which piles on the pressure on your teaching staff...

and you can see them getting dragged down into a negative spiral

But it's worse than that

Behaviour incidents escalate more quickly, more often

As a senior leader, you start getting called out of meetings to “sort out that pupil in Y5D as he's disrupting the lesson again.” Before you know it, he's spending more time in your office than in his classroom.

His parents complain. They want to know what's being done to support their child, and why he isn't getting the education he's entitled to. They say you're failing him.

Other parents complain about the behaviour in the classroom and the constant disruption. (And that's what they're saying in person - don't even think about what they're posting on Facebook...)

The teacher's at breaking point. He looks exhausted. He had a good attendance record, but now he's started calling in sick.

Everyone's looking at you. They want answers. And they want them today.

But now imagine this...

It's 3 weeks later. You walk to the classroom and you see:

  • The teacher using the ADHD-friendly classroom strategies, taking ownership of the situation
  • Now he's getting the right provision, your pupil with ADHD is working in his classroom, where he belongs (there are still occasional incidents, but now they're manageable)
  • The relationship between the adults and the student has improved (and people are smiling!)
  • Your staff look confident and relaxed for the first time in months


  • Parental complaints have stopped (now you get compliments instead)
  • You'll know that you made a difference - plus you got the credit for transforming the situation (from your staff and the parents on the playground)
  • And without constant interruptions, you're finally free to focus on your own work and important school priorities

How good would that feel?

It may sound impossible - but here's the GOOD NEWS...

Yes! You're about to be the leader who makes this happen...

And it could be easier than you think

The truth is, when the pupil's underlying needs are met, most of the behaviours melt away.

So the solution is getting your teachers to use proven and consistent classroom strategies that focus on causes. With the emphasis on proactivity rather than reactivity.

It's common sense. Get that correct and everything else falls into place.

And your role? Simple...

It's to secure your teaching staff the best training. Because when the adult's bring the right knowledge - and combine it with the right mindset - they can move mountains.

You need:

The right training, straight out of the gates... your staff don't waste time and energy on the wrong strategies (and become close-minded to support in the future)

Training with a good track record, rated highly by hundreds of teachers... you build on the experience of others and feel confident you're making the right decision

Training that has a long-term impact (not a flash-in-the-pan)... you're not in the same position in 3 year's time, spending even more money on the same problem

Introducing... ADHD Mastery!

Your ADHD Mastery training has been specifically written to give your teaching staff the skills they need to:

  • Consistently implement proven ADHD-friendly teaching strategies (and understand why they work, so they can adapt them if they need to)
  • Have a deep understanding of ADHD and the barriers it presents
  • Increase their confidence in the classroom

Also: ADHD Mastery will give you a return on your investment year after year after year (I'll show you how in a moment...)

"The content was VERY relevant to our staff. It had many useful applications to ALL children. It will also be a useful check list to see what strategies have been tried by the teacher before saying the child isn't working in class. We would recommend highly."

Brookfields Primary School

About Your Instructor

Simon Currigan is the co-founder of Beacon School Support.

As well as working as a mainstream teacher for over a decade, he also successfully taught large numbers of children permanently excluded from school for significant behaviour issues. He's also worked as the Centre Head of a Pupil Referral Unit.

In addition, for over 12 years, Simon's supported over 60 schools across the Midlands, guiding them through the process of improving all aspects of behaviour.

That means he's got valuable, day-to-day experience of supporting students with social, emotional and mental health needs - including many pupils diagnosed with ADHD.

Whole school training

In ADHD Mastery, I'll guide your staff through must-know ADHD facts and techniques, including:

What the latest science says is driving the behaviour of pupils with ADHD...

(it's probably not what you think)

How to help children regulate their impulses...

so you see improved behaviour both in and out of school

How the layout of many classrooms...

can actually make the difficulties of students with ADHD worse

The secret of why most school behaviour policies simply don't work...

for pupils with ADHD (and how to approach behaviour modification in a way that works with the child's ADHD rather than against it)

15 never-fail strategies...

to boost pupil focus and organisation, so your students with ADHD spend more time on-task and make more progress (including how to use work-recovery cycles to create classroom success)

If you think medication is the answer... you're wrong!

You'll learn why medication is rarely a long-term solution - and what steps to take so the same old behaviour problems don't resurface quickly in future

Practical, proven classroom strategies

That compensate for the day-to-day impact of ADHD

Of course, there will always be times when behaviour difficulties arise.

That's why I also share 6 key strategies that are gold dust for managing the behaviour of ADHD students.

These strategies are hand-picked and have been tried-and-tested in dozens and dozens of schools, just like yours.

You'll never hear the question, “Is ADHD even a real thing?” again.

Feel confident your staff know how to support students with ADHD successfully

What is ADHD Mastery...

And how does it work?

ADHD Mastery is online training for your teaching staff. It works like traditional face-to-face training, but it's delivered online.

Running the training is a simple, 3-step process:

  1. Bring your staff together in a room with a projector and sound facilities (like face-to-face training, everyone watches ADHD mastery together)
  2. Open the training video on our website
  3. Press play

From time to time, you'll be asked to collect ideas from your staff and write them on flipchart paper.

It's easy.

Whole school training

"I didn't have to do anything other than click a button. It was the least stressful PDM I have ever delivered."

Marsh Hill Primary School

Good value icon

And here's the best bit!

You'll see a return on your investment, year after year

You'll get lifetime access to your ADHD Mastery training.

That means you can revisit the content again, and again, and again...

  • New person joined your staff? No problem. Make watching ADHD Mastery part of their induction programme and wave goodbye to ‘skills gaps' in your team
  • Staff need reminders of the strategies? No problem. Revisiting content is as easy as hitting the rewind button

With ADHD Mastery, you're about to make a long-term impact on your staff's expertise that's simply impossible to achieve with face-to-face training.

In fact, it's the only ADHD training you'll ever need to buy - providing value for years to come.

Here's what you get:

2 levels of training to fit your school and budget

ADHD Mastery comes in two different flavours - simply pick the version that suits you the best.

And remember:

  • You'll get lifetime access to this highly-rated ADHD training for your entire staff
  • There's no waiting - this training is delivered online, so you get instant access and can start improving your teachers' expertise today

Don't risk a single penny

Order ADHD Mastery and run the training, watch every video, view the bonus content, use the strategy booklets... in the knowledge that you won't be risking a penny.

If you feel the training wasn't valuable - you didn't learn what drives the behaviours associated with ADHD, how to structure tasks in a way that helps students focus their attention, how to manage behaviour proactively and respond when things go wrong - then I refuse to keep your money.

Simply get in touch by email with 28 days and I'll return your payment.

No questions asked.

Simon Currigan
Co-founder, Beacon School Support

"Really useful as it gave strategies rather than just the science behind the disorder which is what other training usually focuses on. It engaged our staff very well and they are a tough audience in all honesty! They said that they much preferred it to having a guest speaker in."

Kingsland Primary School

Get ADHD Mastery today...

...and make the difference in your school

Want to improve how students with ADHD are supported in your school? Then it's time to invest in ADHD Mastery.

Use one of the buy buttons below to secure instant access... and I look forward to seeing you in the videos!

Select which version of ADHD Mastery fits your school the best:

ADHD express logo
ADHD Mastery Express:
  • 1 hour running time (approx)
  • Introduction to ADHD-friendly classroom strategies
  • Includes handbook and strategies booklet
  • Lifetime access
  • 28-day money back guarantee
Up to 30 staff

£209 excluding VAT

More than 30 staff

£309 excluding VAT

ADHD complete logo
ADHD Mastery Complete:
  • 2 hours running time (approx)
  • Deep dive into the impact of ADHD and practical classroom strategies
  • Includes handbook and strategies booklet
  • Bonus: includes ADHD Express so you get the best of both worlds!
  • Lifetime access
  • 28-day money back guarantee
Up to 30 staff

£319 excluding VAT

More than 30 staff

£419 excluding VAT

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"The content of ADHD Mastery was very relevant to our staff... I would recommend it without hesitation as it answers the questions that staff may have so the person facilitating isn't put on the spot."

New Leaf Inclusion Centre

Frequently asked questions

Who is ADHD Mastery for?

ADHD Mastery is designed for anyone who works with ADHD pupils in an educational setting. It includes practical classroom strategies that will support students in both primary and secondary schools.

Although it's primarily intended for teaching staff (teachers, TAs, learning mentors etc.), anyone who comes into contact with children in your school will find benefit from the training.

Is this relevant to my school?

ADHD is thought to affect 11% of school-age children, making it the most common brain-based development disorder in schools. That makes it relevant to all schools.

Do I need to know a lot about ADHD to run the training?

No. I'll guide your staff through all the strategies in a step-by-step fashion. You don't need any prior knowledge about ADHD.

Is this as good as having you train my teaching staff in person?

Not quite - for a start, you can't ask me questions.

But with ADHD Mastery, you pay once and get lifetime access to the material, so you can re-use it as often as you want. If you wanted me to train your staff in person, it would cost £279 (ex-VAT) for every single visit.

Will using these strategies completely eliminate challenging behaviour from all my ADHD students?

No - every student is different. However, if your staff follow the strategies consistently, you'll know they're putting in place provision that targets the underlying needs driving your pupils' difficulties.

What handouts are included for my teaching staff?

I provide strategy booklets, covering key points from the training, and attendance certificates for your attendees. You will need to print these out before the training starts.

How does the training work?

It's a series of training videos, interspersed with group tasks.

I'll explain clearly what each task involves, and even include a timer so your staff know how much time they have left.

As facilitator, you'll occasionally be asked to record answers from the group on flipchart paper.

How do I get ready for the training?

Included in the training is a facilitator's handbook. It's a step-by-step checklist of what you need to get ready for the training.

It even includes a sign-in sheet, so you can record who attended the training.

Do I need to be technically minded to run the training?

No. If you can play an internet video with sound on a projector or interactive whiteboard, you have all the technical skills you need.

"The staff were very engaged... It was valuable to see why certain strategies that are used in school may not be useful when working with children with ADHD (reward systems for example – we found the concept of “now and not now” a useful way to describe this.)"

Phoenix Academy