What's the key to improving SEMH and behaviour in any school?

The answer's simple: consistency

Easy to say - harder to achieve.

Especially when...

Your teaching staff, lunchtime supervisors and parents pull in different directions with their behaviour strategies, so your students don't get the consistency they need...

Your budget is under pressure, making it hard to give everyone (including parents) the quality and quantity of support with SEMH and behaviour they need to make progress...

You have to juggle multiple support agencies - and that makes giving your stakeholders one clear, consistent message about behaviour and SEMH a real challenge...

If you recognise any of these problems, then you're going to love what I'm about to share with you.

Finally: affordable, joined-up SEMH training for all your stakeholders

Do you want to simplify your SEMH training and improve consistency around behaviour in your school?

How would you feel if:

  • Your teaching staff, lunchtime supervisors and parents were all on the same page when it comes to behaviour?
  • You could run SEMH training on your schedule, whenever you wanted to, as often as you wanted to?
  • And you could get this joined-up approach, all in one place, starting today... for less than £85.00 p/m?

You'd no longer have to worry about pressure on your training budget. Or put up with the hassle of managing different training agencies. Or wonder whether your stakeholders were really getting the same message about behaviour and SEMH.

In fact, it would solve the problem of consistent SEMH training in your school immediately.

Whole school training

Introducing... Behaviour 360!

The Complete SEMH and Behaviour Training System For Schools

A joined-up approach to SEMH training that supports teaching staff, lunchtime supervisors AND parents... for less than £85.00 p/m

You're about to get instant and unlimited access to:

The Strategy Hub, Whole School Access

Training resources aimed at teaching and support staff, focusing on behavioural special needs and whole class management. You'll get instant access to a huge library of 47 training resources and 65 episodes of Behaviour Tactics (where we give solutions to real behaviour issues in school)... and we're adding more content every month!

Value: £699 per year

Whole School SEMH Training Sessions

Deep-dive training perfect for addressing a range of whole-school SEMH and behaviour issues. These sessions can be completed in a shared-group session (like a traditional training session) or by staff working individually. Each resource comes with everything you need to run a successful training session, including a facilitators handbook!

Value: £1005

Successful Supervisors

Our in-depth positive behaviour training programme for all your midday supervisors - so lunchtimes run smoothly, supervisors proactively develop relationships with students, and challenging behaviour is nipped in the bud. (This is also great for sports coaches and staff at before-and-after school clubs)

Value: £499 per year

Family First for Schools

Our 12-week, positive support programme for parents who need help with their child's emotional regulation and behaviour.

Value: £287 per year

...all for the amazing price of £999 per year

Take a sneak peak inside Behaviour 360...

Click below to see a video of what's waiting for you inside Behaviour 360!

See the transformation:

Here's what Behaviour 360 will help you achieve for your school.

Your going to release your school from the old, complicated way of doing SEMH training...

...and replace it with this new, easier approach!

Why wait? Clear away the complexity and simplify SEMH in your school with Behaviour 360 today.

Behaviour 360 is different because...

Whole school training
  • The different pieces of Behaviour 360 fit together perfectly, giving you a consistent, positive behaviour training system for all your teaching staff, lunchtime supervisors and parents at a single stroke
  • Behaviour 360 gives your stakeholders confidence, because it walks them through simple, practical strategies in a logical way. Plus, we explain the psychology behind the strategies (so they can adapt the strategies if they need to)
  • Instant access to SEMH training whenever you need it. Because Behaviour 360 is delivered online, there's no waiting around for a date that works for your training provider. Behaviour 360 puts you back in charge of your own training schedule.
  • Developed by SEMH experts with years of experience working with challenging students. That means we're sharing strategies that have been tested in real classrooms, with real kids - so you can trust they'll work for your students, too.
  • At less than £85.00 p/m, it's within the reach of every school. Because Behaviour 360 is delivered online, instead of face-to-face, we save on costs - and we pass those savings on to you. That frees up the rest of your budget for other priorities.

Is Behaviour 360 for me?

Honesty time: Behaviour 360 isn't perfect for every school.

So here's how to work out whether it'll work for you.

Behaviour 360 is for school leaders who believe...

  • Online training can make a difference and provide value
  • Improving SEMH in school relies on your staff learning to use a wide variety of strategies - and digging down into the root causes of disruptive behaviour
  • You'll get best value from Behaviour 360 by helping your staff learn the skills of behaviour management and SEMH over time (so you avoid drowning them with information)

If you're nodding... congratulations, you're in the right place! Behaviour 360 was written with your leadership approach in mind!

Whole school training

Who's behind Behaviour 360?

Simon Currigan and Emma Shackleton are the co-founders of Beacon School Support.

Photo of Simon

Simon Currigan

Simon has over 12 years experience supporting over 60 schools across the Midlands. His work is focused on helping pupils who find it difficult to manage their emotions and behaviour.

He's also worked as the Centre Manager of a pupil referral unit, and as a teacher in mainstream schools.

Photo of Emma

Emma Shackleton

Emma is a very experienced BESD teacher who's taught in both mainstream primary schools and pupil referral units.

She's delivered training and support to schools throughout Birmingham for over 13 years and is very knowledgable about childhood development and behaviour. She also worked as a qualified Team Teach Instructor for over 16 years.

Does it work?

(And is it any good?)

Yes - but don't just take our word for it. Here's just some of the praise for the training included inside Behaviour 360.

"I just want to say thank you. [Successful Supervisors] has been transformative in our school. Our midday supervisors are so much more positive and the whole team absolutely love it. It's worked for everybody and it's so simple. We love the drip feed of it."

Manor Junior School logo

Manor Junior School

For Successful Supervisors

"[ADHD Mastery was] really useful as it gave strategies rather than just the science behind the disorder which is what other training usually focuses on. It engaged our staff very well and they are a tough audience in all honesty! They said that they much preferred it to having a guest speaker in."

Kingsland Logo

Kingsland Primary School

For ADHD Mastery

"[The Strategy Hub] training had aspects relevant to all staff - from SLT to dinner supervisors. Feedback has been very positive. Staff liked the ease of access and found the videos easy to watch and were able to dip in and out of them. As a school with a high level of SEMH the training provided useful reminders of good practice and strategies."

The Oak Primary

The Oaks Primary School

For The Strategy Hub Whole School Access

"Just watched Video 5 on The Power Of Limited Choices. It's great to see these strategies building - I love the extra little tips in the emails too. They've really changed how I deal with [my son]. It feels like we're building a little toolbox of strategies to pick out when we come up against a situation!"

Family First

Donna, a parent

For Family First

"Family First has been transformational for our parents. It has improved parents' wellbeing and their relationships with their children, and has had a huge impact on children's behaviour both at home and in school. A huge success!"

Lyndon Green Infant School logo

Lyndon Green Infant School

For Family First for Schools

"25 years into my teaching career and now a DHT and SENDCo, I rarely get excited by resources, but I genuinely can't wait to read more of this information and use it to train my staff and support my families. So, so impressed with the balance of the ‘need to know' psychology with practical and realistic strategies."

Lakey Lane Primary School logo

Lakey Lane Primary School

For the Behaviour 360 package

"I didn't have to do anything other than click a button. It was the least stressful PDM I have ever delivered."

Marsh Hill Primary School

Marsh Hill Primary School

For ADHD Mastery

Join Behaviour 360 today - and enjoy success with our simplified approach to SEMH training

What content is included?

The resource library's growing month-by-month, and there's too much content to list here, but here's just a sample:

From The Strategy Hub (Whole School Access)

You'll get 47 training resources including:

  • How To De-escalate Like A Champion (video training)
  • How To Prevent Meltdowns (video training)
  • How To Coach Pupils With Strong Emotions (video training)
  • How To Reset Behaviour With Tricky Classes (video training)
  • How To Help Pupils Reframe Confrontation (video training + downloadable resources)
  • How To Write Behaviour Targets That Actually Change Behaviour (video training)...

  • ...and much, much more!

Successful Supervisors

Includes 44 short, bite-sized videos plus posters, certificates, lanyard reminders and a complete performance management system for your lunchtime supervisors.

Subjects include:

  • Positive Behaviour Management
  • How To Speak So Pupils Listen
  • Managing Challenging Pupils
  • Working With Students With Special Needs
  • Commonly Asked Questions
  • Building Relationships Through Playground Games

Train in the recommended way (short-bursts, one session every 2-3 weeks) and there's two years of on-going SEMH support waiting for your supervisors inside Successful Supervisors.

Whole School SEMH Training

You'll get £1005 worth of done-for-you SEMH training packages that are perfect for when you want your school staff to come together and focus on one issue.

Our online training is flexible - so your staff can work:

  • Together in a group (like a traditional face-to-face training session) or...
  • Individually

Running the training is as easy as opening our website and pressing 'play'. Your staff learn through videos and activities - and there's even attendance lists, certificates, workbooks and strategy guides to print.

Family First for Schools

When families ask for help, getting support in place quickly is the key to success. And with Family First, you'll be able provide that support immediately.

Family First is a 12-week online support programme. Parents learn how to support their children with emotions and behaviour through simple videos, quizzes and follow-up messages.

The curriculum includes:

  • Coaching kids through strong emotions
  • Encouraging more positive behaviour
  • How to react to negative behaviour in the right way
  • ...and much, much more

With Behaviour 360, you can have 10 families enrolled in Family First at any one time - giving you plenty of capacity to offer families support whenever they need it.

To make this decision easy for you...

We've priced Behaviour 360 at less than £85.00/month

That's unlimited access - use Behaviour 360 as much as you want, with all the staff on one school site.

There's no contract, no long-term commitment

Like Netflix, you'll be in complete control. Stop and start your subscription at any time before renewal - it's easy!

Once again, here's a summary of everything you get inside Behaviour 360:

Here are our terms and conditions and terms of service.

Got a question? Or want to explore whether Behaviour 360 is right for your school?

📞 Book in a friendly Zoom chat to talk it over

Don't waste another minute... join Behaviour 360 today for only £999 per year and finally get the comprehensive SEMH training your staff, children and parents deserve!

Frequently asked questions

Why is Behaviour 360 so affordable?

I know, it looks insane. We're doing a marketing test to gauge the level of demand for Behaviour 360.

In the future, if Behaviour 360 proves popular, we may put the price up.

Will it work for my school?

Yes - our online training is being used successfullly in over a hundred schools.

SEMH and behaviour management is a skill, so the secret to success is to drip-feed the training to your stakeholders over months. That way they'll have time to take it all in.

(However, if you speed through all the training in 2 weeks, you're unlikely to get results. There's just too much information to absorb.)

What if I want to cancel? Am I locked in?

No. You're in complete control of your subscription. We hope you stay forever... but you can cancel at any time through the 'My Account' section of your dashboard.

Do I need to be technically minded to use Behaviour 360?

No. If you can log into a website and watch a YouTube video, you have all the skills you need.

Can my staff use Behaviour 360 on their computers or devices at home?

Yes - as long as they continue to work for you.

Will you be adding to the content?

Yes - we're adding new content to Behaviour 360 every month (in term time).

How long does it take to get access to the Behaviour 360?

Once we've processed your payment details, you'll be emailed your access details immediately.

What kinds of schools is Behaviour 360 for? Is it only for schools in the UK?

It's aimed at primary and seconary schools.

All of our techniques are based on psychological principles, so they should be applicable wherever you work in the world.

Is there a limit to the number of staff who can use our Behaviour 360?

No - you get unlimited access for all your staff on one school site.

Can I talk to somebody about whether Behaviour 360 is right for my school?

Absolutely - we're here to help.

Book in a friendly Zoom chat with us to talk it over