Behaviour Support for Schools
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Behaviour Support for Schools


Improvements in classroom behaviour are the fastest, easiest way to boost pupil progress.

That's why we guide you through the process of assessing, planning and implementing successful changes that will have a positive impact on behaviour throughout your school.

Our partnership schools benefit from improvements across all levels, from pupil specific interventions, to support with EHCP applications, to whole school strategic thinking.

You'll be receiving support from experienced teachers who've worked in both mainstream and with permanently excluded students - so our solutions are simple, practical, realistic and effective.

And because we know schools care about consistent relationships, we won't keep chopping and changing your behaviour specialist. They'll be there to support your school into the long term.

(These services are only available to schools in the Midlands, UK.)

To find out how we can help you, and the costs involved, get in touch using the contact details below and tell us about your school.

We understand that budgets are tight. That's why we tailor your school's package to its individual needs and budgets.

There's absolutely no obligation to buy when you call or message us.

Want help for your school?

Our approach to school support is simple:

Every school is different... so we don't provide standard packages of support.

We listen to your goals and priorities... so you benefit from support that's tailored to your exact needs.

We care about forming long-term partnerships... so schools that purchase more support and training receive reduced rates.

Part of a chain or consortia? We offer reduced rates if you purchase services as a group.

There's no minimum contract... so we can help schools with a lower level of need (or have one-off issues).

We don't believe 'bespoke' has to mean costly... so we do our best to work within your school's budget.


What schools are saying

We currently work with over 50 primary schools across the Midlands.

Here's what some of them are saying:

We had a student whose poor social understanding led to constant, low-level disruption in and out of class. It was frustrating, because we knew he was bright, but we couldn’t reach him. Simon listened to what we’d already tried, then helped us put together a support plan that was actually manageable. Now we know how to communicate with him effectively, channel his behaviours positively and help him regain his focus. You definitely get what you pay for.

Gossey Lane Academy

We were stuck and didn't know what else could be done to improve behaviour, especially for a small number of individuals with challenging behaviour. It was really frustrating for us. We spoke to Beacon and Emma gave us really clear ideas and direction. The hands on, practical approach, modelling the 'Managing Feelings' sessions for staff was brilliant. Now those students are better at managing their emotions, have fewer incidents on the playground, and even recommend the 'Beacon Behaviour Groups' to other pupils. Beacon go above and beyond. Excellent service.

Oasis Academy Boulton

We asked Beacon to work with a newly qualified teacher who was having problems with their classroom management. The teacher felt like they were becoming a failure and the class TA was frustrated. Learning and progress were being disrupted. Simon observed, gave us advice and support, and now that member of staff is doing great. The environment is more settled, the children are learning, and we're not being called on to give constant support. I can see that the teacher is more assertive and in control.

Erdington Hall Primary School

We called Beacon because we had a pupil whose physically aggressive behaviour towards adults was escalating and this was having a massive impact on staff morale. Simon listened to our concerns and gave us support in a positive way. Now, we are putting in place a long-term plan to meet his needs and staff feel much more confident managing his behaviour. Beacon's input has been invaluable.

Kings Rise Academy

We needed support that was quickly on hand. Emma has been a constant source of knowledgable support and helped us with some of our key children and classes. Two children that were at risk of exclusion are now settled and have received no exclusions since we called Beacon. We'll definitely buy into their service next year - if you have children with complex challenging behaviours, Beacon are quick and supportive.

Slade Primary School

We were at breaking point with one year group: we had extra staff supporting daily, one teacher resigned and we were running out of options. Following Simon's input, the behaviour in class is much better. The children have stopped arguing back, started accepting boundaries and are making progress.

Chivenor Primary School

Want help for your school?


Is your school (or are you) standard? No - we didn't think so. That's why we don't offer standard packages of support.

It's important to us that every package of support we produce is individual to each specific school (tailored to need and budget); however, we do appreciate that illustrations of cost are useful.

The following are examples of low, medium and high level support packages and the costs involved.

We present the following for illustration only.

Because at Beacon, there is no standard package - you can access as little or as much support as you need.

All prices exclude VAT.

Low level support

Cost: £1390

Medium level support

Cost: £2680

High level support

Cost: £3975

Remember, these are just examples. What will your unique school package look like?

Want help for your school?