When families ask for help, providing immediate support can be the difference between success and failure

However, schools are finding it harder to offer timely support because:

Scissors cutting up the word budget

School budgets are stretched to the limit...

...making it harder to employ dedicated pastoral staff who can offer families on-going support

Man climbing stairs logo representing an incident being referred up to SMT

Family Support Workers have been laid off in vast numbers...

...meaning those still in work have large caseloads, long lead-times and tend to offer time-limited support

Yellow and red fire logo, representing a behaviour incident being escalated

COVID-19 makes meeting families at home challenging...

...making it almost impossible to risk-assess the safety of your staff and follow rules on social distancing

The result: families are waiting longer and longer for support - and every day, their children's emotional issues are escalating and becoming more entrenched

Introducing... Family First for Schools!

Family First is a 12-week, online programme designed to help parents support their children with their emotions and behaviour.

The programme:

  • Only includes support strategies that have been proven to help children manage their own emotions and behaviour (we always explain why these work, so parents can adapt them if you need to)
  • Is delivered as a simple, step-by-step programme to avoid information overload
  • Is written specifically for parents (it assumes no previous knowledge)

Everything your families need to achieve success is ready and waiting!

How It Works

You set up a family on our system by entering a few quick details and they're immediately ready to start.

The programme follows a simple 3-step process.

A Family First video being watched on a tablet computer

Step 1: Your parents watch a short video...

...where we'll guide them through a simple strategy that's proven to build a child's resilience, show more positive behaviour or manage their emotions

Clock repesenting practising technique for one week

Step 2: Your parents practise using that technique over the week

Only introducing one strategy at a time avoids overwhelm and boosts your families chances of success!

A picture of a confident parent and a happy child, surrounded by three stars

Step 3: We build their confidence

We send your parents additional encouragement and new ideas throughout the week to keep them on track. At the end of the week, families return to step 1 and watch the next video, which builds on earlier content!

Family First: Behaviour Secrets for Parents is a 12-week programme that's delivered online.

It's carefully paced and follows a logical order... so before you know it, your families will be using a set of 'behaviour secrets' that work together to boost children's happiness, emotional security and behaviour.

And the beauty of Family First is parents get to learn in the privacy of their own home. But at the same time, they'll feel like we're there in the room, giving them support along the way!

Parents are busier than ever...

So Family First gets straight to the point

Families don't have time to waste - so we've condensed all this information into short, easy-to-follow videos and quizzes.

Each Family First:Behaviour Secrets video jumps right in with a practical, tested strategy parents can start using immediately.

No more wading through content (endlessly repeating itself), looking for the good stuff.

Our no-nonsense approach will save families hours.

Confident parent who is smiling and looking out of a sunny window

But that's not all...

The message 'I can do it'

The difference with Family First and other programmes is we don't just give your families some strategies and say... over to you!

That's no way to learn 😢

Instead, we follow up with email messages that guide parents through the programme, week after week. It's like we're walking the path with them.

Families will get:

  • Reminders of when and where to use the techniques, so they use the right strategy at the right time (avoiding common mistakes)
  • Explanations of how to ‘power-up' each technique, or use it in different situations, so they get even more value from the programme
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Encouragement and support every step of the way (because changing child behaviour can be hard sometimes)

And all of this support can be provided instantly, to your families, for less than £2.39 per month.

Is Family First as good as using a Family Support Worker or a Social Worker?

The answer is no. Family First isn't trying to replace either of these professionals.

But here's the thing:

In a time when families have to wait for long periods to get support - and social distancing makes that work difficult - Family First means your school can immediately offer families twelve-weeks of support.

And if you have a family support worker or pastoral worker in school, you're free to use Family First as a framework to structure the more personal support you give your parents.

It gives you the best of both worlds.

About The Instructors

Simon Currigan and Emma Shackleton are the co-founders of Beacon School Support.

Photo of Simon

Simon Currigan

Simon has over 12 years experience supporting over 60 schools across the Midlands. His work is focused on helping pupils who find it difficult to manage their emotions and behaviour.

That means he's got valuable, day-to-day experience of which strategies work best - and which to avoid.

Photo of Emma

Emma Shackleton

Emma is very experienced at supporting children with behaviour needs.

She's delivered training and support to schools throughout Birmingham for over 13 years and is very knowledgable about childhood development and behaviour. That makes her the perfect tutor for this programme.

Here's just some of what your parents will learn...

Dealing with strong emotions:

A picture of a happy child wearing glasses and staring confidently into the camera
How to coach their child through powerful emotions like anger or disappointment
Setting boundaries in a calm, consistent way
The problems of screen time and bed time... solved!

Encouraging more positive behaviour:

A mother and a child smiling at the camera
A 5-minute activity children will love that results in positive behaviour throughout the day...
A little-known way of wording praise works like magic...
Giving attention in a way that makes kids feel heard and understood, strengthening family relationships and building trust and mutual respect

Managing negative behaviour:

A family of four lying in a garden and smiling towards the camera
The easy secrets to sounding firm and assertive (without shouting or yelling)
2 powerful techniques for defusing confrontations
The 4-step system for giving consequences that actually reduces arguments and stress

Does it work?

Yes - but don't just take our word for it. Here's what schools and parents are saying about Family First.

"Family First has been transformational for our parents. It has improved parents' wellbeing and their relationships with their children, and has had a huge impact on children's behaviour both at home and in school. A huge success!"

Lyndon Green Infant School logo

Lyndon Green Infant School

For Family First for Schools

"Just watched Video 5 on The Power Of Limited Choices. It's great to see these strategies building - I love the extra little tips in the emails too. They've really changed how I deal with [my son]. It feels like we're building a little toolbox of strategies to pick out when we come up against a situation!"

Family First

Donna, a parent

For Family First

Ready to help your families achieve the same success?

To make that decision easy for you...

We've priced Family First for Schools at only £23.99/month.

That's works out at £2.39 per family!

(Less than the price of a latte at a well-known coffee shop)

There's no contract, no long-term commitment

Like Netflix, you'll be in complete control. Stop and start your subscription at any time - it's easy!

Plus: buy today, and we will never increase your subscription rate
(protecting you from price rises, as long as your subscription remains in date)


For only £23.99 per month, you can have up to 10 families on the programme at any one time.

When one family finishes the programme... you simply replace them with another!

Remember: everything is delivered online, so there's no waiting. You can have instant access to Family First for Schools and start helping your families today!

Here are our terms and conditions and terms of service.

Don't waste another minute... Get your families the support they need today, with no waiting!

Frequently asked questions

Which families is Family First aimed at?

It's for parents of children from 3 to 11 whose children have difficulties managing their emotions or engage in negative behaviour. This is natural and happens to lots of parents.

How does the programme work?

It's a series of short, sharp videos and quizzes delivered over 12 weeks.

In each video, we'll guide your parents through a simple strategy or idea they can start using immediately.

As parents work through the programme, we'll give them extra advice and ideas by email to keep their momentum going.

How many families can we have on the programme?

You can have 10 families from your school using Family First at any one time.

When a family has finished with the programme, you can remove them and use that place for another family.

Do I have to wait until the programme has finished to stop a programme?

No - you're completely in control. You can stop and start programmes whenever you need to, as long as you don't exceed 10 users at the same time.

Do I need to be technically minded to use and manage the programme?

It's super-easy. There are three buttons: add a parent, delete a parent, and restart their email sequence (in case they need to return to the start of the programme).

Can I see the contents of Family First?

Yes - we also give you access to all the videos so you can review the content for youself.

What if I want to cancel? Am I locked in?

No. You're in complete control of your subscription. We hope you stay forever... but you can cancel at any time through the 'My Account' section of your dashboard.

Can I pay for my subscription by invoice?

No. Family First for Schools can only be purchased by card.