Do you have to deal with:

A young student shouting angrily

Kids who are explosive and 'lose it' for no reason...

...stopping other children from learning, making teaching an uphill battle?

Female teacher, sitting at desk, stressed, rubbing temples

A 'hard class', filled with students who constantly argue...

...and you feel like you spend all day putting out fires (instead of actually teaching)?

Girl student, looking down and refusing to speak

Pupils with high-level behavioural special needs...

...who disrupt lessons and don't respond to your school's behaviour system?

The grind of managing challenging behaviour - day in, day out - is not just draining, it's unhealthy. It fuels stress levels and knocks confidence. It can even lead to psychosomatic complaints like sleeplessness, shortness of breath, stomach pain or chronic headaches.

But here's the real tragedy.

None of these behaviour problems are 'new'.

The solutions to most of these issues have already been found... and with some small (but powerful) changes, you could quickly get classroom behaviour back on track.

Sounds impossible? Here's the good news

If you've completed your teacher training - and you can already stand in front of a classroom and speak to a group of students - you already have all the qualities you need to improve behaviour in your classroom.

You just need to know which strategies and teaching approaches to use (and, equally importantly, which to avoid!)

Strategies you can start using immediately and that will make a difference in the vast majority of cases.

(Honesty time: they won't work for every student, 100% of the time, because a very small percentage of students have such severe mental health issues or child protection issues. But even in these cases, the right strategies, used consistently, will lead to improvement.)

So what's the fastest way of learning these strategies?

Answer: Practical advice from experts who've helped hundreds of teachers, just like you, resolve behaviour problems successfully. Experts who've spent years teaching kids with significant behaviour needs.

Don't allow any more precious teaching time to go to waste. It's time to take back your classroom, leveraging expert strategies that have already been proven to work for other teachers.

Introducing... The Inner Circle!

The Inner Circle is your one-stop shop for all things behaviour

It's a comprehensive platform filled with videos, resources and behaviour inspiration, written by behaviour experts with decades of experience

It's like the Netflix of behaviour management for teachers

Behaviour advice, whenever you need it

Inner Circle feels like having a behaviour expert on call, 24-7. Our online videos walk you through solutions to common behaviour problems, step-by-step

Our best techniques

Inner Circle is where we keep our newest (and best) behaviour secrets. You'll get VIP access to members-only content

Everything you need, in one place

Whether it's the best classroom strategies and tactics, behavioural special needs, or practical resources - the Inner Circle has you covered

Get the answers you need... today

Don't waste time learning from 'trial and error' (it's slow and painful). Learn from behaviour experts with years of practical classroom experience

What you get

We add new, exclusive content to our Inner Circle membership every month (in term time).

This currently includes:

How To Motivate Change In Hard-To-Reach Pupils image

Available: 17th Nov 2020

How To Motivate Change In Hard-To-Reach Pupils

Learn why behaviour interventions often fail with hard-to-reach students - and how to finally engage them in positive behaviour change.

How to Support Pupils With Attachment Needs image

Video training

How to Support Pupils With Attachment Needs

Discover how parenting styles influence children's attachment styles. Learn what to do (and what to avoid) if you're working with pupils who have an insecure attachment with their primary caregiver.

How To Easily Defuse Confrontations image

Video training

How To Easily Defuse Confrontations

Challenging behaviour is on the rise - so it's important to know how to defuse confrontations quickly and confidently. Here are 3 easy strategies anyone can learn to achieve success.

How To Help Pupils Manage Transitions image

Video training

How To Help Pupils Manage Transitions

Teach students how to cope with transitions by scaffolding their experience and building coping skills to manage change.

How To Support Students With Anxiety And Fear image

Video training

How To Support Students With Anxiety And Fear

Do you work with a pupil whose anxiety stops them realising their potential? Use this science-based approach to help them get over their fears and succeed in the classroom.

How To Support Pupils With Grief and Loss image

Video training

How To Support Pupils With Grief and Loss

Find out what children of different ages and stages understand about death and how their behaviour is affected by grief. Learn exactly what you can say and do to support your pupils during this incredibly difficult time.

How To Manage Challenging Conversations With Parents image

Video training

How To Manage Challenging Conversations With Parents

Ever had to deal with parents who are disgruntled, angry or downright rude? You're not on your own! These strategies will put you back in the driver's seat - so you feel cool, calm and in control.

How To Use Praise To Improve Classroom Behaviour image

Video training

How To Use Praise To Improve Classroom Behaviour

Want more positive behaviour in your classroom? Then knowing how to use effective praise is essential. Here's how to get praise right (and how to make sure it doesn't backfire on you!)

How To Help Pupils Reframe Confrontation image

Video + downloads

How To Help Pupils Reframe Confrontation

Do some of your students believe the world is out to get them - and overreact to even the smallest problem? This simple resource will help them choose a different response to life's difficulties.

How to prevent meltdowns image

Video training

How to prevent meltdowns

Learn what drives pupils with autism to experience meltdowns... plus 15 simple, practical strategies you can use in your classroom to prevent meltdowns from happening in the first place.

How to coach pupils through strong emotions image

Video training

How to coach pupils through strong emotions

Use our simple 3-step communication strategy to help your pupils thrive emotionally and socially. Teach them how to self-regulate by recognising, naming and managing their own stress responses.

How to reset behaviour with tricky classes image

Video training

How to reset behaviour with tricky classes

Sometimes, you get a tricky class where behaviour gets in the way of learning. Here's how to put classroom behaviour back on the right track, even part way through the year.

How to set out your classroom for behaviour success image

Video training

How to set out your classroom for behaviour success

The classroom environment has a huge impact on student behaviour. Here's how to get yours right... by making small (but powerful) changes that improve student focus and minimise negative behaviour.

How to write targets that actually change behaviour image

Video training

How to write targets that actually change behaviour

Finally: a step-by-step guide for writing behaviour targets that actually drive change (harnessing the latest behavioural science)

How To De-escalate Like A Champion image

Video training

How To De-escalate Like A Champion

Learn the secrets of the anger-cycle, amygdala hijack and our 'firebreak formula' to successfully manage emotion-fuelled confrontations.

Is it bullying? image

Powerpoint + resources

Is it bullying?

A done-for-you presentation about the difference between bullying and meanness. Includes a poster to print and display, tips sheets and an activity worksheet.

Managing Feelings Presentation image

Powerpoint + resources

Managing Feelings Presentation

A done-for-you presentation about managing anger you can use with the children in your primary school.

Problem-free Playtimes image

Video + downloads

Problem-free Playtimes

Want the children in your primary school to spend lunchtimes playing games that keep them active, occupied and happy? You're going to have everything you need to make this happen.

Lunchtime Masterplan image

Video training

Lunchtime Masterplan

You'll walk away with a step-by-step masterplan for transforming lunchtimes that's specific to your school. You'll make lunchtimes for your students the best they can be... starting today.

ADHD Calm and refocussed image

Video training

ADHD Calm and refocussed

Imagine your pupils with ADHD are calm, engaged and focussed on learning. Here are 6 simple things you can do to make that happen.

Back on task image

Video training

Back on task

Curb classroom disruption with our 3 proven scripts for managing challenging students. Use them in your class today and put the focus back on teaching and learning.

But that's not all...

...because you'll also get access to Behaviour Tactics.

Twice monthly (in term time), we answer real questions from our community about behaviour issues they're seeing in school.

You describe the situation, we provide the solutions.

It's like being a 'fly-on-the-wall' for our real-world behaviour consultations.

Whether it's a problem with individual students, questions about SEN, how to work with 'tricky' classes or even developing whole school strategy - Behaviour Tactics is on hand to give you practical, step-by-step solutions.

Plus, Behaviour Tactics is searchable - so you can quickly find solutions for behaviour issues you're seeing in school. It feels like having a behaviour expert on-tap!

Join today - and start getting the answers you're looking for

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If you're facing extreme or challenging classroom behaviour, please do not ignore it.

Without the right strategies, behaviour problems tend to get worse and become more entrenched. The longer you leave them, the harder they are to fix.

So whether you use the strategies in Inner Circle - or get support from another provider - don't wait.

Please take action today.

Frequently asked questions

How often do you release new content?

In term time, we release 2 episodes of Behaviour Tactics and one premium training resource every month.

(We follow the school term times in Birmingham, UK)

What if I want to cancel? Am I locked in?

No. You're in complete control of your subscription. We hope you stay forever... but you can cancel at any time through the 'My Account' section of your dashboard.

Do I need to be technically minded to use the Inner Circle?

No. If you can log into a website and watch a YouTube video, you have all the skills you need.

Do you offer a free trial?

No, Inner Circle does not include a trial period.

How long does it take to get access to the Inner Circle?

Once we've processed your payment details, you'll be emailed your access details immediately.

Who is Inner Circle for? Is it only for teachers in the UK?

It's aimed at teaching staff who work with children of school age.

All of our techniques are based on psychological principles, so they should be applicable wherever you work in the world.

I represent a school. Can we use this programme to train our staff?

Only if you purchase an Inner Circle School Access subscription.