In time for anti-bullying week, we've put together a done-for-you presentation about the difference between bullying and being mean you can use with the children and parents in your primary school

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Sometimes children are unkind to each other. That's a normal part of social development.

However, there is a clear difference between one-off instances of meanness and persistent, targeted bullying. Educating our children and parents about that difference is the first crucial step in de-escalating incidents and promoting an ethos of tolerance and understanding in our schools.

Use this pack to work in partnership with parents and pupils to provide clarity about what bullying is and isn't.

"By effectively preventing and tackling bullying, schools can help to create safe, disciplined environments where pupils are able to learn and fulfil their potential."

Source: Department for Education, July 2017
Preventing and Tackling Bullying: Advice for Headteachers, staff and governing bodies

What the Is It Bullying? pack gives you:

  • A done-for-you Powerpoint presentation ready for Anti bullying week
  • Includes notes to print, explaining what to say on each page of the presentation
  • Introduces the concept that people are sometimes unkind to each other and that is normal but not okay
  • Encourages children to explore what constitutes bullying and what is being unkind so incidents can be dealt with appropriately
  • Explains that not all unkind behaviour is bullying and shouldn't be labelled as such
  • Teaches the true definition of bullying so children won't use the term in the wrong context
  • Interactive demonstration of why it is ridiculous to target groups of people based on their appearance or beliefs
  • Prompts a reminder of what children should do in your school if they are being bullied
  • Suitable for lesson introductions and assemblies for children and their parents in primary schools
  • Take away tips sheet for teachers on managing bullying incidents systematically
  • Tips for teachers on managing parents who feel their child is being bullied
  • Take away tips for parents on how to stay calm and communicate with school
  • Activity sheet for parents and children to do at home to reinforce learning about what is and isn't bullying

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for only £2.99

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