We've put together a done-for-you presentation about managing anger and strong emotions you can use with the children in your primary school.

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According to a 2005 study, 50% of mental health problems are established by the age of 14. That means teaching our children to understand and manage strong emotions has never been more important.

Learning social and emotional skills can have a positive impact on how happy our students feel - and how they do in the classroom.

And according to an official report by Public Health England:

"A UK study published by the Department for Education found that pupil wellbeing predicted their later academic progression and engagement in school. For example, pupils with better emotional wellbeing at age seven had a value-added [score] higher (equivalent to more than one term's progress) than pupils with poorer emotional wellbeing."

What the Managing Feelings pack gives you:

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"Some of the children said some lovely things on how to relax and calm down and how to help others who are angry like asking if they'd like to come and get some water or giving them some space. The main thing [my children learned] was that it is okay to be angry as long as we do not hurt anyone/thing."

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