How stress affects student behaviour [infographic]

How stress affects student behaviour [infographic]

Kids are under pressure at school like never before…

…with ever higher academic expectations and repeated formal testing.

Each successive government claims they will cut through unnecessary assessment and red tape, but children today seem under more pressure than ever before. And now the government has pledged to increase the length of the school day.

If this high-pressure environment takes its toll on teachers in the form of heightened stress, what are the effects on students?

Certainly, teachers report increasing levels of disruption with each passing year. Is there a link between the (increasingly unrealistic) standards agenda and the disaffection exhibited by a growing group of children?

This infographic from Online College Classes explains how stress impacts on the behaviour, aspirations and emotional well-being of students. And although it is pitched at an American audience, I believe the points it makes are applicable whatever side of the pond you live.

Check out the full infographic below.

Students Are More Stressed Than Ever

From Visually.

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