Struggling with some aspect of behaviour (or SEMH development) in your school... and finding it hard to get timely, individualised support?

Now you can get immediate actionable advice specific to your current situation, whether it's related to individual pupils, difficult classes or whole school improvement.

Your 45 minute strategy call is designed to put you back in the driver's seat and find tailored solutions to your school's behaviour needs... quickly and easily!

Live sessions date and time

Wednesday 22nd September, 2021

Available from 9am to 4pm BST

Delivered online (over Zoom)

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...because we have limited availability

Online behaviour and SEMH consultations
Online Behaviour Consultations: 22nd, September 2021
  • Online Zoom calls with either Simon or Emma
  • Up to 45 minutes long
  • Limited availability
  • Just £169.99 per session, excluding VAT (£203.99 including VAT)

Payment by card only. Once booked, appointments are non-refundable, unless a problem at our end means we're unable to join. For more information, see the frequently asked questions below. By ordering, you're agreeing to our terms of service.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

The sessions are online consultations with Simon or Emma and last up to 45 minutes.

The consultations will be held using Zoom - so before you book, make sure you're able to participate in Zoom calls.

After you register, we'll send through a Zoom link by email.

What sort of help is on offer?

During the meeting you can discuss any issue(s) in your school related to behaviour and SEMH.

Can we talk about individual pupils?

Yes, but it's important you get permission from parents / carers before the consultation (either verbal or written permission is fine). We won't need a copy of the consent, but keep a copy for your records, and record the date on which permission was granted.

Can we pay for this event by invoice?

No - payment for online consultations is by card only.

What's your policy on cancellations?

Once booked, appointments are non-refundable, unless a problem at our end means we're unable to join.

After you've registered, if you need to change the time of your appointment, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help (but this will depend on other time slots being available).