Many teachers struggle to find the right words...

When the very worst happens to one of their pupils

That's not because they don't care, or aren't interested - it's usually because they are worried about making the situation worse.

The fact is, the worst has already happened.

But when teaching staff don't know what to say for the best, they may shy away from talking about what has happened - inadvertently causing the pupil to feel further isolation and distress.

Everyone who has lost a loved one will deal with grief in their own unique way

Children experiencing grief and loss may act differently to how they normally would.

They may become hyper-vigilant or on high-alert, or they may appear dazed and shut down.

They might find it impossible to focus and concentrate on school work. They might disrupt the learning of others.

Everyone will know that the child's behaviour is signalling that they need support - but will your staff know what to say and do? And will they know what's best to avoid?

Everyone wants to do their best to support the child. Nobody wants to get it wrong.

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But how will they know which behaviours are ‘normal'... or what's the 'right thing' to do?

Here's the solution:

Train ALL your staff about what children of different ages and stages understand about death. To know what to say and do when offering support.

Right now, that may sound difficult (and expensive), but I've got a resource that's going to make it easy for you.

(In fact, if you wanted to, you could get access for every member of staff today.)

As a school leader, you know moving this forward means investing in training. When the adults have the right knowledge and strategies, even a small interaction can make a huge difference to a child.

We know your school doesn't have money to waste and paying for training is expensive (we charge £279 for an hour's face-to-face training).

That means you need:

Cost effective training

...that will provide you with value for years to come

Easy access...

...with no lengthy sign-up procedures or complicated sign-ins

Lifetime access...

...meaning you can refresh staff skills, or train new members of staff, whenever you need

Introducing... Supporting Pupils With Bereavement

Your Supporting Pupils With Bereavement training has been specifically written to give your teaching staff the skills they need to:

  • Be practical - know exactly what to say and do to help
  • Be confident - anyone can support a child with loss - you don't need any special qualifications, you just need to know what works
  • Be brave - doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing

Everything you need to support your students and staff is ready and waiting

I'll guide your teaching staff through must-know bereavement facts and techniques, including:

Knowing what children of different ages and stages understand about death...

..from infants to teenagers, so they can pitch their conversations at the right level

Understanding the factors that affect how deeply grief is felt your staff can adapt their approach to the needs of individual pupils

Investigating how children demonstrate grief...

...and how it affects their emotions and behaviour

Tonnes of practical strategies to support children with the grieving process... your staff know exactly what to say and do under these difficult circumstances

Pitfalls to avoid...

...because no one wants to get it 'wrong' and make a situation worse

We'll focus on the impact of bereavement

And practical support strategies for your staff to use

The aim is to give your staff practical, proven strategies they can start using immediately. Many of the strategies are recommended by the leading charities who support children and adults with grief and loss.

Your teachers will feel relieved that they have the skills to cope with this incredibly challenging, but sadly common, scenario.

(By the way: if your teachers think it's better to say nothing, so as not to upset the child - wrong! I'll explain why it is always better to do something rather than nothing.)

In fact, statistics show that 1 in 29 primary aged pupils will lose a parent during their primary career. So supporting children through bereavement is a skill every teacher needs.

After the training, you'll feel confident all of your staff know what to say and do to support students who've lost a loved one - whether human or beloved pet.

How It Works

Supporting Pupils With Bereavement is online training for all of your staff - anyone and everyone in school can access it.

That includes governors, office staff, teachers, supervisors, TAs - all adults in your school community can benefit.

Running the training is a super-easy process that anyone can facilitate.

  1. Either, gather your staff together in a room with a projector and sound or ask them to watch the training individually, wherever they are
  2. Open the training video on our website
  3. Press play

It really is that simple!

Whole school training
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And here's the best bit!

You'll also get lifetime access to Supporting Pupils With Bereavement.

That means you can revisit the content again, and again, and again...

  • New person joined the team? No problem. Make watching Supporting Pupils With Bereavement part of their induction programme and wave goodbye to ‘skills gaps' in your staff
  • Staff need reminders of the strategies in a few months time? No problem. Revisiting content is as easy as hitting the rewind button

Supporting Pupils With Bereavement is going to give you the long-term impact you just can't make with face-to-face training.

Feel confident your staff are able to support your pupils through the most difficult of times

Here's what you get:

You're about to get lifetime access to Supporting Pupils With Bereavement training for your entire staff.

There's no waiting - the training is delivered online, so you can skill-up your staff today.

Your teaching staff will learn how to sensitively and confidently manage a pupil who is bereaved.

And most often, that means:


Don't risk a single penny

Order Supporting Pupils with Bereavement and run the training, watch every video and use the activity workbooks... in the knowledge that you won't be risking a penny.

If you feel the training wasn't valuable - you didn't learn about what children understand about death at different developmental stages, how grief might affect pupil's behaviour and over what to say and do to support, then I'll refund your payment in full..

Simply get in touch by email within 28 days and I'll return your payment.

No questions asked.

Simon Currigan
Co-founder, Beacon School Support

Get Supporting Pupils With Bereavement today...

...and enable your staff to support your students

Use the buy now button below to secure instant access... and I look forward to seeing you in the videos.

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Supporting Pupils With Bereavement:
  • 1 hour running time (approx)
  • Learn how to support pupils through bereavement
  • Includes activity workbook and facilitator's handbook to print
  • Lifetime access
  • 28-day money back guarantee
Up to 30 staff

£209 excluding VAT

More than 30 staff

£309 excluding VAT

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Supporting Pupils With Bereavement for?

Supporting Pupils With Bereavement is designed for anyone who works with pupils who have experienced bereavement in an educational setting. It includes practical strategies that are relevant to both primary and secondary schools.

Although it's primarily intended for teaching staff (teachers, TAs, learning mentors etc.), anyone who comes into contact with children in your school will find benefit from the training.

Do we all need to be gathered together as a group to use this training?

No - the training has been designed to be flexible. So you can complete it in groups, as a whole staff, or work through the material individually.

Is this relevant to my school?

Bereavement is thought to affect 1 out of 29 pupils before the end of primary school, so it's more common than you may think. That makes it relevant to all schools.

Do I need to know a lot about bereavement to run the training?

No. I'll guide your staff through everything they need to know in a step-by-step fashion. You don't need any prior knowledge about bereavement.

Is this as good as having you train my teaching staff in person?

Not quite - for a start, you can't ask me questions.

But with Supporting Pupils With Bereavement, you pay once and get lifetime access to the material, so you can re-use it as often as you want. If you wanted me to train your staff in person, it would cost £279 (ex-VAT) for every single visit.

What handouts are included for my teaching staff?

I provide activity booklets and attendance certificates for your attendees. You will need to print these out before the training starts.

How does the training work?

It's a series of training videos, interspersed with tasks.

I'll explain clearly what each task involves, and even include a timer so your staff know how much time they have left.

If you training as a group, the facilitator will occasionally be asked to record answers from the group on flipchart paper.

How do I get ready for the training?

If your staff are training indivually, they print out the activity workbook and they're ready to go.

If you're training as a group, we've included a facilitator's handbook, which is a step-by-step checklist of what you need to get ready for the training.

It even includes a sign-in sheet, so you can record who attended the training.

Do I need to be technically minded to run the training?

No. If you can play an internet video with sound on a projector or interactive whiteboard, you have all the technical skills you need.