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Behaviour audits

Want to improve behaviour and standards in your school?

We have a process that will help you.

We believe that behaviour is the bedrock upon which outstanding progress is built - so we developed a process for improving behaviour that will work in any school.

Not only does it analyse your school's effectiveness right now - it also provides you with a clear roadmap that will lead to future improvement.

To order a lunchtime audit, use the contact details below.

Want help for your school?

A Beacon Behaviour Audit gives you:

An independent snapshot of your school's current strengths and weaknesses.

A set of action points to drive improvement in the future.

An understanding of what your pupils, parents, governors, staff and leadership team think about behaviour.

A body of unbiased evidence to support your future decision making.

A comprehensive review of your school's policies and practice.

A feedback session with one of our consultants to discuss our findings and ask any questions.

What schools are saying

In less than one year, 38 schools have benefitted from a Beacon Behaviour Audit across the Midlands.

Here's what some of them are saying:

Our behaviour audit was tailor made for our school and was efficient, practical and painless. It proved that behaviour in our school was good and captured stakeholder feedback objectively.

Court Farm Primary School

We would definitely recommend the behaviour audit to other schools. It was helpful planning expenditure and areas for development on the School Improvement Plan, and gave us quotes to use in the SEF.

New Oscott Primary School

We really enjoyed the positivity of the process and it gave us an opportunity to reflect on quality first teaching and systems in school.

Banners Gate Primary School

Our behaviour audit has given us a backbone of evidence about what we do well and what we need to improve. It's been very comprehensive and has gone into every area - from the children to the governors.

Topcliffe Primary School

The behaviour audit helped us understand how important the alignment between different stakeholder’s views is. It covered everything we expected and more.

Elms Farm Primary School

Although cost was a consideration, YES, we would recommend a behaviour audit to other schools. This was a valuable audit that has highlighted one or two small, but essentially vital, recommendations that we wouldn't have thought of. The actual auditing process was effective without being obtrusive, and became a professional conversation with clear, salient action points to consider.

Bellfield Junior School

Behaviour audit pricing:

Our behaviour audit comes in three different levels to suit all budgets.

To order your behaviour audit, or if you have any questions, contact us using the button below.

This service is only available in the Midlands, UK.

All prices exclude VAT.

Level 1

Digital only behaviour audit - our custom written survey tool will give you the data you need to understand stakeholders' perceptions of behaviour in your school.

Price: £250

Level 2

Digital only behaviour audit, including online survey, plus a summary report and feedback session (we crunch your survey data for you and provide recommendations, so you can concentrate on decision making).

Price: £450

Level 3

Most popular

Full behaviour audit, including online survey, site visit, summary report and feedback session - giving you everything you need to quickly and purposefully drive improvement in your school.

Price: £900

Want help for your school?