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Lunchtime audits

Improve lunchtimes in your primary school.

FACT: lunchtimes can be the source of endless frustration - issues from midday can eat into teaching time, spark parental complaints and even pull down inspection results. Social disputes spill out from the playground and into the classroom.

That's why we've put together our lunchtime behaviour audit. It's a process for analysing and improving lunchtimes in your primary school.

To order a lunchtime audit, use the contact details below.

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A Beacon Lunchtime Audit gives you:

An understanding of what your pupils, supervisors, staff and leadership team think about behaviour at lunchtimes.

A site visit, where we use our in-house checklists (based on observations in over 50 schools) to evaluate lunchtimes at your school.

A summary report providing independent evidence of your school's good practice.

A set of simple action points to drive improvement in the future.

Quicker progress: don't waste hours re-inventing the wheel. We'll share the proven systems that outstanding schools rely on at lunchtimes.

A feedback session with one of our consultants to discuss our findings and ask any questions.

Lunchtime audit pricing:

The cost of a complete lunchtime audit, including all of the benefits listed above, is £450 (excluding VAT).

To order your lunchtime audit, or if you have any questions, contact us using the button below.

This service is only available in the Midlands, UK.

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