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May 2016: How to improve your classroom management (easily)

Improve your classroom management

Classroom management is an essential skill for any teacher - it affects pupil motivation, engagement and progress. And yet, if you've decided you want to reap the benefits of better whole class management, it isn't always clear how to improve. Because the best teachers make it look... well, invisible.

That's where our Classroom Management Scoresheet comes in. Using our simple process, we can help you improve your behaviour management, step-by-step. Here's how it works.

1. Grab a copy of the scoresheet

First of all, head over to this page of our website and download a free copy of the Classroom Management Scoresheet.

The scoresheet is a list of clear, actionable behaviour strategies that the best teachers implement (and some 'sins' they avoid.)

It's based on our extensive experience of observing teachers across hundreds of classrooms.

2. Score a lesson

Use dice to pick a random lesson that you taught yesterday. This will stop you from picking a lesson when you were at your best.

Run through the scoresheet and tick off (honestly) the strategies you used. If you find this difficult, ask someone you trust to watch a lesson and do this for you.

Use the instructions in the pack to calculate your score (out of 50) and a ranking.

3. Pick one area of improvement

Now find one strategy or idea listed on the scoresheet that you didn't include in your teaching.

Over the next few weeks, make a point of exploiting that strategy in every single lesson that you teach.

  • If it helps, write it on a sticky note and paste it on your desk as a reminder.

4. Improve your score

Once you feel that the new strategy has become second nature, complete another copy of the scoresheet for an up to date lesson.

  • Remember to do this for a random lesson - don't cherry pick lessons you thought went well.

Calculate your new score - you will see an improvement. Congratulations!

Now pick another idea that you were missing from the scoresheet and starting incorporating that into your practice.

Rinse and repeat the process until you have achieved the 'ultimate' ranking.

Staff meeting activity

This activity is split across two staff meetings (a planning session and a review session). Each will take approximately 10 minutes and will help your staff to look for simple gains that impact on classroom behaviour.


You will need the following materials:

  • Pens and paper.
  • Copies of the Classroom Management Scoresheet (download it from here).
  • Access to the internet / the facility to show this month's Beacon video (optional).
  • A small number of chocolates or treats.

The activity

Explain that the aim of this activity is to identify quick and easy ways to improve classroom behaviour.

  • Split your staff up into working groups (for instance, with year group colleagues).
  • Give each group a copy of the Classroom Management Scoresheet.
  • Show them the video or talk them through the process of using the scoresheet.
  • Ask them, as a group, to look through the list and identify one simple strategy that they could all implement tomorrow to improve behaviour in class.
  • Ask one person from each group to volunteer to be a 'champion'.
  • Later in the week, the champion's role will be to write a short reminder note to each member of the team to keep using the strategy.
  • Ask each group to feedback what their chosen strategy was, why they chose it, and who was going to champion that strategy.
  • Award each champion a sweet or treat for going above and beyond the call of duty.
  • At next week's meeting, ask the groups to review their progress and talk about their experiences.

Now display copies of the newsletter and scoresheet in the staffroom for future reference.

Obviously, the scoresheet can also be used as part of a more formal performance management process to help your staff improve the quality of their teaching.


Don't print this page! We've produced a much more attractive version for printing and sharing. Use the links below for printing and distributing the information to your staff.

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