If you see any of the following signs...

It could be a sign your child needs help regulating their emotions and behaviour

A child having a tantrum on the floor

Your child meltdowns or has a tantrum...

...when you say 'no' or they encounter a minor difficulty

Man climbing stairs logo representing an incident being referred up to SMT

Your child ignores you, argues or battles with you...

...when you ask them to do the smallest thing

Yellow and red fire logo, representing a behaviour incident being escalated

Your child won't come off a screen, or go to bed...

...no matter how hard you try to reason with them

The key thing is to start helping your child today - before those behaviours get worse or become too deep-rooted

Coping with strong emotions, and making successful behaviour choices...

Is one of the most powerful gifts you can give your child

A picture of a lunchtime supervisor smiling and being successful, holding a trophy and surrounded by three stars

But don't take my word for it - the science has been clear for years.

Helping your child deal with strong emotions, accept boundaries and use self-control is like giving them the 'golden ticket' for success.

When researchers investigated what factors are important for success in life, they found:

"Being able to implement emotion regulation strategies... is closely linked to well-being and financial success... [Past] research has found that variation in knowledge of how to best regulate emotions... is associated with well-being, close social relationships, high grades in school, and high job performance."

From the paper, "The Ability to Regulate Emotion is Associated with Greater Well-Being, Income, and Socioeconomic Status"

And further research on behalf of the UK government found:

"The evidence gathered makes it clear that social and emotional skills matter for the things people care about in life, including adult mental health and life satisfaction, socio-economic, labour market, health and health-related outcomes."

Source: Social Mobility & Child Poverty Commission / Early Intervention Foundation

The truth is, kids who learn these skills:

A trophy on top of school books representing educational success

Do better in school...

Staying in education longer and achieving better qualifications

Multi-point logo representing training delivered over time

Enjoy better physical and mental health...

Reporting greater life-satisfaction and wellbeing later in life

Abacus logo in red, white and blue, showing success relies on accountability and targets

Enjoy more career success...

Enjoying higher income and wealth

The evidence is clear: Helping your child manage their emotions and behaviour will set them up for a lifetime of success. But how do you actually do it?

If you want to make a difference...

The evidence shows you need to follow all 3 of these steps:

Abacus logo in red, white and blue, showing success relies on accountability and targets

Coach your child through strong emotions...

...so they keep problems in perspective and don't overreact (how you do this makes all the difference)

A trophy on top of school books representing educational success

Actively encourage positive behaviour...

...so your child learns those valuable social and emotional skills (research shows this will help them get ahead in life)

Multi-point logo representing training delivered over time

React to negative behaviour in the right way

Tip: use incidents as a springboard to teach your child about self-control and accepting boundaries

If you've tried to help your child with their emotions and behaviour before, but didn't get the success you wanted, it was probably because you didn't get the right mix of these three elements.

Here's the good news

Your child is never too old to learn these skills... if you give them the right help.

But the longer you leave it, the harder that process becomes.

That means starting today makes success easier and quicker!

Of course, you could figure out the best way of doing this for yourself.

But if you're short of time, and you'd like a shortcut based on both research and practical experience, I've put together a solution that you can start using today.

Introducing... Family First!

This programme:

  • Only includes support strategies that have been proven to help your child manage their own emotions and behaviour (we always explain why these work, so you can adapt them if you need to)
  • Is delivered as a simple, step-by-step programme to avoid information overload
  • Is written specifically for parents (so you don't have to be a 'behaviour expert' or have years of experience working with children to get results)

Everything you need to help your child achieve success is ready and waiting!

How It Works

Supporting your child is as simple as:

A Family First video being watched on a tablet computer

Step 1: You watch a short video...

...where we'll guide you through a simple strategy that's proven to help your child build resilience, show more positive behaviour or manage their emotions

Clock repesenting practising technique for one week

Step 2: You use that technique over the week

Only introducing one strategy at a time avoids overwhelm and boosts your chances of success!

A picture of a confident parent and a happy child, surrounded by three stars

Step 3: Build your confidence

We send you additional encouragement and new ideas to keep you on track. At the end of the week, return to step 1 and watch the next video, which builds on earlier content!

Family First: Behaviour Secrets for Parents is a 12-week programme that's delivered online.

It's carefully paced and follows a logical order... so before you know it, you'll be using a set of 'behaviour secrets' that work together to boost children's happiness, emotional security and behaviour.

And the beauty of Family First is you get to learn in the privacy of your own home. But at the same time, you'll feel like we're there in the room, giving you support along the way!

About Your Instructors

Simon Currigan and Emma Shackleton are the co-founders of Beacon School Support.

Photo of Simon

Simon Currigan

Simon has over 12 years experience supporting over 60 schools across the Midlands. His work is focused on helping pupils who find it difficult to manage their emotions and behaviour.

That means he's got valuable, day-to-day experience of which strategies work best - and which to avoid.

Photo of Emma

Emma Shackleton

Emma is very experienced at supporting children with behaviour needs.

She's delivered training and support to schools throughout Birmingham for over 13 years and is very knowledgable about childhood development and behaviour. That makes her the perfect tutor for this programme.

Here's just some of what you'll learn...

Dealing with strong emotions:

A picture of a happy child wearing glasses and staring confidently into the camera
How to coach your child through powerful emotions like anger or disappointment...

Using a transformative method tested with 1000's of families (we've simplified this to a 3-step process any parent can follow)

The right way to set boundaries...

Yes, there is a right way. Get this wrong and you'll make it harder for your child to regulate their emotions, making the problem worse rather than better.

The problems of screen time and bed time... solved!

This is important because kids can only manage their feelings when they're in the correct physical state.

Warning: don't leave this step out. It's crucial to your success (we'll tell you the precise steps to take)

Encouraging more positive behaviour:

A mother and a child smiling at the camera
A 5-minute activity your child will love that results in positive behaviour throughout the day...

This activity is gold dust because it tackles the cause of most negative behaviour

A little-known way of wording praise works like magic...

This trick encourages more good behaviour from your child with very little effort from the adult!

How to respond to your child...

...in a way that makes them feel heard and understood, strengthening your relationship and building trust and mutual respect

Managing negative behaviour:

A family of four lying in a garden and smiling towards the camera
The easy secrets to sounding firm and assertive

Without falling into the trap of shouting or yelling (which actually reduce your authority over time)

2 powerful techniques for defusing defiance

These approaches quickly bring arguments to a close and don't require any special equipment - so you can use them anywhere you go!

The 4-step system for giving consequences that actually reduces confrontation and stress

You'll know exactly what to say and how to say it (this makes all the difference)

Feel confident you're doing all the right things to help your child bring out their best side!

Parents are busier than ever...

So Family First gets straight to the point

You don't have time to waste - so we've condensed all this information into short, easy-to-follow videos and quizzes.

Each Family First:Behaviour Secrets video jumps right in with a practical, tested strategy you can start using immediately.

No more wading through content (endlessly repeating itself), looking for the good stuff.

Our no-nonsense approach will save you hours.

Confident parent who is smiling and looking out of a sunny window

But that's not all...

The message 'I can do it'

The difference with Family First and other programmes is we don't just give you some strategies and say... over to you!

That's no way to learn 😢

Instead, we follow up with email messages that guide you through the programme, week after week. It's like we're walking the path with you.

(In fact, some of our best tips and tricks are inside these messages!)

You'll get:

  • Reminders of when and where to use the techniques, so you use the right strategy at the right time (avoiding common mistakes)
  • Explanations of how to ‘power-up' each technique, or use it in different situations, so you get even more value from the programme
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Encouragement and support every step of the way (because changing child behaviour can be hard sometimes)

That's why, even if you've tried to help your child with their emotions and behaviour in the past, and didn't get the results you wanted...

...Family First can help you achieve the success you and your child deserve!

Does it work?

Yes - but don't just take our word for it. Here's just one example of what parents are saying about Family First.

Donna is a parent from the the UK. She had doubts about the programme at first - but she took the leap, invested in herself and her son, and is now seeing results.

"Just watched Video 5 on The Power Of Limited Choices. It's great to see these strategies building - I love the extra little tips in the emails too. They've really changed how I deal with [my son]. It feels like we're building a little toolbox of strategies to pick out when we come up against a situation!"

- Donna (a parent from Birmingham, UK)

Are you ready to achieve the same success?

Who is it for?

Family First:Behaviour Secrets is aimed at parents of children aged 3 to 11.

It doesn't matter if:

  • You're with a partner or a single parent
  • You're male or female
  • You've already tried other programmes in the past but haven't achieved the success you (and your child) deserves

No previous experience, support or training is necessary.

Family of four hugging confidently and looking towards the camera

Don't risk a single penny

Order Family First: Behaviour Secrets for Parents and watch every video, use the strategies...

...safe in the knowledge that you won't be risking a penny.

If you feel the programme wasn't valuable - you didn't learn how to deal with negative behaviour, how to help your child manage strong emotions, or how to encourage more positive behaviour in the home - then we refuse to keep your money.

Simply get in touch by email within 14 days and we'll return your payment.

No questions asked.

Simon Currigan
Co-founder, Beacon School Support

Emma Shakleton
Co-founder, Beacon School Support


At only £49.99, we've priced Family First: Behaviour Secrets for Parents so it's within reach of every family.

To put that into perspective - that's the price of a small box of Lego. If you can afford a pocket-money toy for your child, you can afford Family First!

Remember: everything is delivered online, so there's no waiting. You can have instant access to Family First and start helping your child with their emotions and behaviour today!

Here are our terms and conditions and terms of service.

Don't waste another minute... Start using these proven techniques today to help your child regulate their feelings, make good behaviour choices and achieve their full potential!

Frequently asked questions

Who is Family First: Behaviour Secrets for?

It's for parents of children from 3 to 11 whose children have difficulties managing their emotions or engage in negative behaviour. This is natural and happens to lots of parents (but very few people talk about it.)

You don't need any special expertise or experience to get the most out of the programme.

How does the programme work?

It's a series of short, sharp videos and quizzes.

In each video, we'll guide you through a simple strategy or idea you can start using immediately.

As you work through the programme, we'll give you extra advice and ideas by email to keep your momentum going.

Will this programme help if my child has a diagnosis of autism or ADHD?

Family First is not an autism- or ADHD-specific programme.

However, the techniques described will help many children with a diagnosis cope with strong emotions, settle into routines and learn to attract adult attention in a positive way.

Do I need to be technically minded to use the programme?

No. If you can log into a website and watch a YouTube video you have all the skills you need.

At the end of the programme, do I lose all the videos?

No. You'll have lifetime access to the videos, so you can come back to the content whenever you need it.

How long will it take to learn the strategies?

No one picked up a tennis racquet on a Monday and became a Wimbledon champion on a Tuesday. The truth is, you'll need to practise some of these strategies to get the best out of them.

That's why we continue to send you emails packed full of support, advice and ideas as you work through the programme.

Is Family First trying to erase my child's personality and turn them into a mindless robot?

Absolutely not. We like your child's personality just the way it is 😀

The aim is to help your child develop into their best selves, learn to cope with strong emotions and minimise unkind or negative behaviour.

I represent a school. Can we buy this programme and share it with all our parents?

No - use Family First for Schools instead!