How to lead a line - the right way!

How to lead a line - the right way!

Getting your class from A to B in an orderly fashion sounds easy, right?

But all too often problems occur in the line, that spill over into valuable learning time.

Problems such as pushing and shoving, squabbling and messing about - especially at the back of the line.

Why does this happen?

Well, here's what I've observed in tonnes of schools:

Whenever the class needs to be somewhere, the adult sets off (at pace) and the kids all kind of just straggle along behind. It doesn't take long before a few key characters realise that the adult isn't watching - and so they take the opportunity to get up to mischief. Remember the speed camera effect we talked about in a previous article?

Why does having an orderly line matter?

Without fail, the way that children transition around school has a significant impact on their learning behaviour. Where children recognise and acknowledge the difference between playtime and learning time, something magical happens: corridors and classrooms are more tranquil - the atmosphere changes - everyone feels more relaxed.

Where pupils move around the school in a calm and orderly fashion, lessons always start off calmer and are guaranteed to be more productive.  Time wasted on settling the class and waiting for pupils to be ready to learn becomes a thing of the past.

Here's how to lead the line -the right way:

Make it a habit to follow this simple checklist each time you need to take your class somewhere and transform they way they transition around school:

  • Tell children how you would like them to move before you set off (use the words you        want to see, such as  'calmly and quietly' or 'slowly and smartly'.
  • Stand at the front of the line and face the class head on, where everyone can see you
  • Make direct eye contact - let them know that you are monitoring them
  • You (carefully) walk backwards; therefore maintaining all important eye contact
  • Stop whenever you need to regroup - especially if you need to go around a corner
  • On arrival at your destination, praise the children for walking calmly and quietly

Getting maximum impact

Students thrive in environments where there are clear boundaries and a consistent approach - it makes them feel secure. They know where they stand. Schools that are successful in raising standards understand that routines like these need to be applied every single day. And by every single adult throughout the day - whether they are going to assembly, or PE, or playtime or lunchtime.

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