School leaders:

Welcome to the fastest way of improving your lunchtime supervisors' behaviour management skills

Are your supervisors out of their depth with lunchtime behaviour?

Here are the telltale signs:

Supervisors not resolving incidents effectively...
resulting in a line of children outside your door every lunchtime (or issues being brought back into class for teachers to resolve, eating into precious learning time)

Adults who lack confidence, "huddle" together or don't actively engage with students...
so adult:pupil relationships are weak (and pupils respond to your supervisors disrespectfully)

Supervisors who fail to "nip incidents in the bud"...
meaning those incidents get escalated unnecessarily (leading to fights and arguments between your pupils that were avoidable)

Don't settle for negative behaviour at lunchtimes.

Because the impact of those incidents isn't limited to midday.


  • Lead to complaints about lunchtimes from students and parents (affecting the reputation of the school)
  • Disrupt student well-being and learning throughout the day (especially for your neurodiverse students, anxious pupils, or children with other SEMH needs)
  • Result in a high staff turnover in your midday team (compounding the problem)

It's a fact: lunchtime is when you're most likely to see challenging student behaviour.


According to a recent Teacher Tapp survey of 6496 educators, teachers themselves identified lunchtimes as the most common flashpoint for difficult behaviour.

That long hour of unstructured time is when we're most likely to see student disagreements, emotional dysregulation and physical behaviour.

And yet, compared to other staff in school, our supervisors are often the most poorly trained and supported when it comes to positive behaviour management.

Traditional approaches to midday supervisor training have stopped working.

That's because, in the last few years, our pupils needs have become more complex.

For instance, according to the DfE, there were 78,000 more EHCP plans in 2023/22 than the previous year, and 99,800 more pupils required SEND support.

That means:

Your supervisors need more than a one-off, face-to-face training session to meet those challenges (there's simply too much information for them to absorb)

They need a training programme that gives them practical information and strategies, delivered in a manageable, bite-sized way...

...that's backed by a structured performance management system that sets targets, measures progress and holds your team accountable for change.


Successful Supervisors

Successful Supervisors is the simple, proven, step-by-step training programme that's about to transform your lunchtime supervisors...

...into lunchtime behaviour superheroes!

"I just want to say thank you. This has been transformative in our school. Our midday supervisors are so much more positive and the whole team absolutely love it. It's worked for everybody and it's so simple. We love the drip feed of it."

Manor Junior School

What you get


Simple behaviour answers, explained step-by-step

You're about to get instant access to a rich library of 44 on-demand videos.

Each video is short and focused (about 10 minutes long) and contains one simple behaviour strategy or idea - explained step-by-step - that your supervisors can start implementing immediately.

These high-quality materials build on each other over time, to upscale your supervisors' skills and confidence.

And because they were developed in conjunction with over 20 pilot primary schools, you can rest assured the information is relevant and impactful.

Every second is dedicated to equipping your staff with effective positive behaviour management strategies, so they never feel 'stuck' with behaviour again.

A flexible approach

Successful Supervisors has been designed to be flexible, so you can use it in a way that is going to be most effective in YOUR school.

Want to train as a group, or set up individual study programmes? Successful Supervisors will support whatever approach you choose.

Want to follow the programme in the order we've set out, or focus on priorities that are specific to your school? Successful Supervisors will make that easy too.

As a school leader, you know your school, your staff and your students better than anyone... so we've put that choice in your hands.


Supporting materials

Everything you need to achieve success is ready and waiting for you, including:

Quickstart guides and videos (to get you up and running ASAP)
Success trackers (to measure your supervisors' progress)
Posters with reminders of key strategies (to keep them front of mind)
Optional quizzes and end of level tests (for your supervisors to test their knowledge against)
Certificates (to motivate your supervisors and make them feel valued)
Sample timetables and checklists (that make organising the programme easy)

...and more!

A complete performance management framework

Without accountability, training doesn't always lead to change - and that's why we include our complete performance management framework.

This simple system will help you assess your supervisors' current skills, and then set (and review) actionable performance management targets for them.

This gives your staff the clear direction and accountability they need to take their practice to the next level.


The outstanding lunchtimes checklist

You don't want to let your excellent work training your supervisors be undermined by less-than-perfect whole-school systems.

That's why we include our Outstanding Lunchtimes Checklist.

It's a list of the best lunchtime practice we've observed in over 60 primary schools.

It took us 18 months to develop... but now it's your shortcut to adopting the best systems for improving lunchtime behaviour in your school.

Literally everything you need to transform your lunchtime supervisors practice is ready and waiting for you... inside Successful Supervisors!

"Supervisors are now more proactive and interactive. They're now playing games with the children... because they understand this will improve their relationships with them."

St. John's Primary

The full training library covers...

Positive Behaviour Management logo

Positive Behaviour Management

Because managing behaviour positively is key to building respectful relationships with pupils.

Includes 8 training videos on: giving specific praise, resolving playground arguments, how to lead a line the right way and more...

How To Speak So Children Listen logo

How To Speak (So Pupils Listen)

Knowing how to speak in a confident, authoritative way is critical to behaviour success.

Includes 8 training videos on: how to look and sound assertive (without shouting), how to actively listen, the importance of being consistent and more...

Managing Challenging Pupils logo

Managing Challenging Behaviour

With explosive behaviour on the rise, supervisors need to know how to manage students with challenging behaviour the right way.

Includes 8 training videos on: exactly what to say and do to de-escalate an incident, how to manage argumentative behaviour, how to manage a fight and more...

Working With Students With Special Needs logo

Working With Students With Special Needs

Without the right support strategies, pupils with SEN can struggle to cope with lunchtimes - which can lead to (avoidable) behaviour issues in school

Includes 8 training videos on: what SEN really means and the domino effect, how to talk to autistic pupils, preventing meltdowns, dealing with explosive behaviour from students with ADHD and more...

Commonly Asked Questions logo

Commonly Asked Questions

Here supervisors can find answers to commonly asked questions about behaviour and incidents at lunchtime.

Includes 8 training videos on: how to form relationships with challenging pupils, how to record incidents correctly, how to get a whole class to stop and listen and more...

Building Relationships Through Playground Games logo

Bonus: Building Relationships Through Playground Games

This module shows how to use behaviour strategies proactively while running a simple playground game (crucial for building relationships)

Includes 4 training videos on: how to use praise intentionally during games, how to emotion coach when pupils get upset, how to use conflict resolution - and how to include pupils with special educational needs in playground games

"It's dead easy to get the programme up and running. The videos are short, sharp and straight to the point... and 100% relevant to our supervisors. Even our teachers and TAs would find it useful. The supervisors really like the certificates and posters and some of them have even been using it at home!"

Paget Primary School

Use this flexible training in your school and watch lunchtime behaviour incidents disappear.

Successful Supervisors is perfect for any primary school who wants:

  • To develop proactive midday staff who actively pre-empt and de-escalate behaviour incidents
  • Flexibility and control over their lunchtime team are trained
  • Their supervisors to feel accomplished, confident, and valued by all your stakeholders
  • Happier lunchtimes with more smiles and less conflict
  • A proven path to lunchtime success

Take a sneak peek inside...

In this 4 minute video, we'll give you a quick tour of what Successful Supervisors looks like on the inside.

In the walkthrough, you'll see how easy it is to access the training... and how the programme has been structured to take your supervisors' behaviour management to the next level.

Your hosts

Simon Currigan and Emma Shackleton two of the most trusted SEMH sources on the web.

They're the hosts of the top 40 education podcast School Behaviour Secrets, have over 35 years real-world experience helping schools meet the diverse needs of their SEMH students, and over 30,000 teachers across the world are registered for their email newsletter.

So you can trust everything inside Successful Supervisors is based on the sound research and best practice - and laser-focused on the needs of your staff.


"Successful Supervisors is really clear and simple to use, you can access it from anywhere, and there is a quick check at the end of each unit to ensure you have understood it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a range of ideas to manage behaviour."

Albert Bradbeer Primary School

But don't just take our word for it...

Listen to other real seniors leaders just like you, who've already used Successful Supervisors and seen the impact it can have.

This short video is their unbiased opinion of the programme's strengths and weaknesses, and how they share how they used it in their primary school.

With Successful Supervisors, you'll be following an approach that's been tested and validated in other schools, and has a track record of success.

That means calmer lunchtimes, with sustained long-term improvements in your playground and dining room, are only a click away.

Get happy, conflict-free lunchtimes in your primary school...
for just £6.50 per week!

With the system that reliably trains your supervisors to:

Be a positive, proactive presence throughout lunchtime ✔️
Say goodbye to that queue of children outside your door, and hello to a positive experience for everyone - your pupils, your supervisors AND your teaching staff!

Interact with your children and build relationships with them ✔️
Resulting in pupils have greater respect for, trust - and respond positively to - your lunchtime team (further decreasing lunchtime behaviour issues).

Be confident, empowered and equipped to manage behaviour effectively ✔️
Meaning incidents get de-escalated, less time is spent fighting fires and mealtimes are more harmonious for all!

Ready to join?

Then let's make that easy for you...

...with two ways of purchasing that fit every school and budget!

Here are our terms and conditions and terms of service.

Join our family of Successful Supervisors today... it's like pushing the "success" button for lunchtime behaviour success in your primary school 😀

"The impact of [Successful Supervisors] is much better lunchtimes right across the school. Lunchtime supervisors use de-escalation strategies... You can see the difference [in them], day to day, in their practice. And they felt recognised and valued through doing the training."

Woodgate Primary School

Frequently asked questions

Whether you buy lifetime access or an annual subscription, you get unlimited access for all the staff members on one school site.

Once you've registered, you access the programme through the members' area of our website. We'll email your login details through straight after you register.

Yes - feel free to use the programme to train anyone who works with the children on your school site.

That could include: before-and-after school club staff, sports coaches, teachers, teaching assistants, NQTs, students etc.

We want you to get full value from the programme 😀

You bet your favourite doughnut there is! 🍩 You can sign up for a free 7-day trial here.

There are no refunds for Successful Supervisors - you can get a 7 day free to see whether it will be a good fit for your school, so you're already protected.

Successful Supervisor is super-flexible, so you can use the materials however you choose. But... you'd be unlikely to see long-term change in practice.

Successful Supervisors works because it gives your lunchtime staff continual reminders, delivered over time.

In a single training session, you simply can't give your supervisors the level of repetition they need to embed new skills into their daily practice.

All of the content inside Succesful Supervisors is focused on positive, relational and trauma-informed methods that are consistent with the approach used in the majority of modern primary schools. If you'd like to check the content for yourself before purchasing, sign up for a free 7-day trial here.

No - everything has been designed to make the Successful Supervisors quick and easy to run.

We even include quickstart videos and guides so the programme will have an impact in your school ASAP.

Not at all. All the strategies and ideas are explained in the videos step-by-step. Using the programme never puts you on the spot!

You'll need barely any ICT skills because everyone shares the same login and you track your supervisors progress on printed 'success trackers'. This immediately eliminates any problems with forgotten usernames / passwords etc. etc.

Successful Supervisors has a proven track record of improving how your supervisors manage behaviour effectively at lunchtime, and because you get unlimited access, you can come back to it time and time again.

So if your budget is tight, this means the programme represents excellent value, especially compared to the cost of in-person training.

And remember, with our lifetime option, you'll pay once and never pay again, providing value for years to come.

Yes. When a new staff member joins the team, simply make it part of their induction process to follow the programme.

And as bonus, because the Successful Supervisors leads to supervisors who feel confident and invested-in, we've found that schools that use the programme tend to have lower staff turnover rates over time - improving consistency in school.

Successful Supervisors isn't just a training programme, it's a training system.

Combining the step-by-step training videos with the structured performance management framework (introducing true accountability) and the supporting resources (like the reminder posters, quizzes and certificates) has consistently improved buy-in and engagement in schools that have used Successful Supervisors.

No - the programme has been designed to be super-flexible. Although the videos do build on each other over time, feel free to focus on the areas that align with your school's current needs and priorities.

Use whatever works for you! 😀

Successful Supervisors has been designed to be super-flexible, and you know your staff best, so use the approach that will get the best results in your school.

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