If you recognise any of the following...

it's a sign your lunchtime supervisors need support:

Man climbing stairs logo representing an incident being referred up to SMT

Supervisors refer minor incidents to senior management...

...when the situation doesn't warrant it

A logo made up of a group a three lunchtime supervisors, standing in the corner of a playground

Supervisors huddle together in groups...

...instead of mixing and actively developing positive relationships with pupils

Yellow and red fire logo, representing a behaviour incident being escalated

Supervisors don't defuse behaviour incidents...

...in fact, they pour fuel on the fire by acting reactively or shouting

The result?

Lunchtimes are when all the behaviour problems happen...

leading to endless time-outs, phone calls and paperwork, and children who return to class unready to learn

All those unnecessary referrals to senior management...

steal your time away from other, more important, priorities, making it hard to get anything done

Lunchtime behaviour sparks parental complaints...

and fuels playground gossip about standards in school, undoing all your hard work promoting school in a positive light

Concern that lunchtimes will affect inspection results...

especially as Ofsted inspectors now actively talk to supervisors about behaviour in school

As a school leader, you could feel frustrated by this... or you could see it as an opportunity to make a whole-school impact

Many leaders pay an expert £££s for a supervisor training session...

And then don't get the improvement they were hoping for

Here's why...

As you probably already know, effective supervisor training consists of these 3 key elements. Miss any one of these out and you won't achieve the long-term success you deserve.

Mortar board logo representing a knowledable presenter

1. A knowledgeable presenter...

...who tells your supervisors exactly what to say and do in different situations (practical strategies, not theory). Without this, your training will lack credibility and you won't see change.

Multi-point logo representing training delivered over time

2. Short bursts of support, dripped over months and months...

...because behaviour management's a skill you master over time, not in a one-off training session. Without this, your training will be a 'flash in the pan' and you won't see change.

Abacus logo in red, white and blue, showing success relies on accountability and targets

3. Accountability and targets...

...so expected actions are clear and supervisors know their progress is being monitored. Without these, your training won't be taken seriously and you won't see change.

So here's the problem...

One-off, face-to-face training sessions are the only option available to most schools!

This tends to cover element 1 well... but falls short on elements 2 and 3, which are the keys to unlocking long-term success.

Which - frustratingly! - means many schools are being blocked from accessing effective training.

Here's the secret to great results...

A picture of a lunchtime supervisor smiling and being successful, holding a trophy and surrounded by three stars

Forget one-off training sessions - they don't (and can't) work. Behaviour management is a skill that takes time and reinforcement to learn.

If you want to cover all 3 key factors, I suggest you use this 3-step process instead:

  1. Get an experienced behaviour specialist to teach your team one practical strategy in a short, sharp training session
  2. Give your supervisors 2 to 3 weeks to practise and embed the new technique
  3. Rinse and repeat

Alongside this, use a structured performance management framework to set targets and hold supervisors to account.

Here's the thing. We couldn't find an affordable solution that did this... So we built one.

And I'm about to show you how you can get it up and running today, for less than £20 a month, in your school!

Introducing... Successful Supervisors!

Sample resources included in Successful Supervisors presented horiztonally Sample resources included in Successful Supervisors presented vertically

Successful Supervisors will help the supervisors in your school...

  • Deal with challenging behaviour in an effective way (so pupils feel the supervisor has listened to them)
  • Engage with pupils positively and confidently
  • Be a presence on the playground - to be proactive, not reactive
  • Get to the core of behaviour problems quickly... and offer children good solutions

"I just want to say thank you. This has been transformative in our school. Our midday supervisors are so much more positive and the whole team absolutely love it. It's worked for everybody and it's so simple. We love the drip feed of it."

Manor Junior School

How It Works

Successful Supervisors uses technology to take face-to-face behaviour training to the next level.

Your supervisors follow this simple 3-step process:

The Successful Supervisors video menu displayed on a horiztonal tablet computer

Step 1: Log into Successful Supervisors...

...which makes training quick and easy. You can use any internet-connected device with a browser.

Three lunchtimes supervisors standing next to each other, confident and smiling

Step 2: Watch a 10 minute video...

...that guides you through a practical behaviour strategy. Then complete a 3 question multiple-choice quiz to check your understanding

A picture of a stopwatch, representing the passage of time

Step 3: Practise the strategy...

...for 2 to 3 weeks until you feel confident using it in your every day work. Then return to step 1 and watch the next training video, which reinforces and builds on previous content.

It's like a behaviour expert is in the room, training your supervisors every few weeks, giving them reminders and encouragement along the way

What you get

Included with the programme is...

The preview screen from Successful Supervisors being displayed on a desktop computer representing unlimited access

Unlimited 24/7 access to 44 videos and quizzes...

...that covers all the staff on your school site. You can feel confident the curriculum is relevant because it was written in collaboration with over 40 schools, just like yours

A man sitting on a rocket representing quickstart videos

Quickstart videos that get you up and running fast...

...so your training programme will have an immediate impact. You don't need any special IT skills and you'll even get welcome emails with additional information, ideas and support

Images of success trackers, posters, certificates, timetables, lanyards and checklists

Success trackers, reminder posters, certificates, staff timetables, checklists, lanyard reminders...

...everything you need to achieve success is ready and waiting - so you can start today!

"The programme was very easy to get up and running. The step-by-step videos made it foolproof... you could not have made it simpler."

Acocks Green Primary

But that's not all...

You'll also get additional bonuses worth £189 to secure success in your school... and save you hours of work!

Two supervisors standing in front of a board with an upward arrow (representing the lunchtime supervisors performance management framework)

Our complete performance management framework

Without accountability, training doesn't always lead to change - and that's why Bonus #1 is our complete performance management framework.

It contains everything you need to assess your supervisors' current skills - then set and review actionable performance management targets.

Value: £107

A trophy and a checklist representing the Oustanding Lunchtimes Checklist

Our Outstanding Lunchtimes Checklist

Without excellent whole-school systems, training doesn't always lead to change - and that's why Bonus #2 is our Outstanding Lunchtimes checklist.

It's a list of the best lunchtime practice we've observed in over 60 primary schools. It took us 18 months to develop... but now it's your shortcut to adopting the best systems for improving lunchtime behaviour in your school.

Value: £82

Don't wait: Use the 'Buy Now' button below and start transforming lunchtimes in your school, today!

"Supervisors are now more proactive and interactive. They're now playing games with the children... because they understand this will improve their relationships with them."

St. John's Primary School

This makes Successful Supervisors more than a one-off support session. It's a complete and powerful training system that develops your supervisors throughout the year

What It Covers

The Successful Supervisors' Curriculum

Positive Behaviour Management logo

Positive Behaviour Management

Because managing behaviour positively is key to building respectful relationships with pupils.

Includes: giving specific praise, resolving playground arguments, how to lead a line the right way and more...

How To Speak So Children Listen logo

How To Speak (So Pupils Listen)

Knowing how to speak in a confident, authoritative way is critical to behaviour success.

Includes: how to look and sound assertive (without shouting), how to actively listen, the importance of being consistent and more...

Managing Challenging Pupils logo

Managing Challenging Pupils

With explosive behaviour on the rise, supervisors need to know how to manage challenging students the right way.

Includes: exactly what to say and do to de-escalate an incident, how to manage argumentative behaviour, how to manage a fight and more...

Working With Students With Special Needs logo

Working With Students With Special Needs

Without the right support strategies, pupils with SEN can struggle to cope with lunchtimes - which can lead to (avoidable) behaviour issues in school

Includes: what SEN really means and the domino effect, how to talk to pupils with autism, preventing meltdowns, dealing with explosive behaviour from students with ADHD and more...

Commonly Asked Questions logo

Commonly Asked Questions

Here supervisors can find answers to commonly asked questions about behaviour and incidents at lunchtime.

Includes: how to form relationships with challenging pupils, how to record incidents correctly, how to get a whole class to stop and listen and more...

Building Relationships Through Playground Games logo

Bonus: Building Relationships Through Playground Games

This module shows how to use behaviour strategies proactively while running a simple playground game (crucial for building relationships)

Includes: how to use praise intentionally during games, how to emotion coach when pupils get upset, how to use conflict resolution - and how to include pupils with special educational needs in playground games

"It's dead easy to get the programme up and running. The videos are short, sharp and straight to the point... and 100% relevant to our supervisors. Even our teachers and TAs would find it useful. The supervisors really like the certificates and posters and some of them have even been using it at home!"

Paget Primary School

Get your lunchtime supervisor training right...

and you'll see the following signs of success:

Two confident looking lunchtime supervisors

Fewer incidents referred to senior management...

...because supervisors are confident and proactive

A logo made up of a lunchtime supervisors spread out across playtime, engaging with children

Supervisors spread out across the playground...

...and actively form positive relationships with children

Logo of a fire extinguisher, representing de-escalation

Supervisors de-escalate behaviour incidents effectively...

...improving lunchtimes for all your pupils and staff

Solve the problem of lunchtime supervisor training once and for all.
Sign up to Successful Supervisors today... and drive positive change in your school!


2 ways of buying to fit your school and budget

Pay with either a monthly subscription or buy lifetime access for your school - so you can train in a way that suits your needs and finances.

Remember: training is delivered online, so there's no waiting. You can have instant access to Successful Supervisors today!

Here are our terms and conditions and terms of service.

Don't waste another penny on one-off, face-to-face training that doesn't get results. Press one of the 'Buy Now' buttons above, start the Successful Supervisors programme today... and make a long-lasting impact in your school.

"Successful Supervisors is really clear and simple to use, you can access it from anywhere, and there is a quick check at the end of each unit to ensure you have understood it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a range of ideas to manage behaviour."

Albert Bradbeer Primary School

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free trial?

Yes there is!

You can get a 14 day free-trial of the programme by signing up on this page.

The trial is completely free, you don't need to give us any credit card details, and does not automatically roll over into the paid programme.

What does a training session look like?

Each unit of training takes about 10 minutes to complete.

It consists of:

  • a 7-8 minute video, walking your supervisor through a practical behaviour management idea or strategy...
  • then a short, simple multiple-choice quiz

You can train using our app on iOS and Android, as well as through any internet-connected device using your browser.

If I get the subscription, is this one of those things that's impossible to cancel?

No, we want you to be in complete control.

So there's no contract, and you pay for the programme on a month-by-month basis. You can cancel at any time from within the members area of our website, so you don't even have to speak to anyone.

That means you can turn the programme on and off whenever you choose.

Can I use the materials to train other members of staff too?

Yes - feel free to use the programme to train anyone who works with the children on your school site.

That could include: before-and-after school club staff, sports coaches, teachers, teaching assistants, NQTs, students etc.

We want you to get full value from the programme!

Do I have to run the sessions across the year? Can't I just get my supervisors to binge-watch all the content?

Successful Supervisor is super-flexible, so you can use the materials however you choose. But... you'd be unlikely to see long-term change in practice.

Successful Supervisors works because it gives your lunchtime staff continual reminders, delivered over time.

In a single training session, you simply can't give your supervisors the level of repetition they need to embed new skills into their daily practice.